Friday, April 18, 2014

Popsugar April 2014 Review

My April 2014 Popsugar box arrived today!!  I admit that I already knew what would be in it but it's always way better when its in your hot little hands, right?!

The Cost: It is $39.99/mo and free shipping. If you'd like to know more or sign up, head over to their website.

What You'll Get: The Popsugar MustHave box is dedicated to beauty, home, fashion, fitness with a little food tossed in. They send full-size products and premium items.
There were six full size items in this box.  Well, seven if you count both of the towels.  The big thing in this months box is the Too Faced Natural Eyes Eyeshadow Palette.  Let me just say right now that it is to die for!  I cannot wait to use this.  I was actually a little bummed that I did all my make up before this box arrived.  I am contemplating removing my eye make up just so I can re-do it with this great product!
No saving the best for last in this post!  I'm doing the best first!!  Well, second.

Graphic Image Pocket Notebook- This is a gorgeous blue and says Run The World on the front.  The edging is done in silver.  Its the perfect size for a purse but in my opinion it just doesn't open far enough to be super useful in a pinch.  I'm really going to have to break the spine for it to open well enough to write in.  It's genuine leather, too!
Value: $36

Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Eyeshadow Collection-  This is truly wonderful.  The case is metal and has a mirror in it.  It also came with directions.
I need directions.  I'm not a pro yet!  The shadows are labeled horizonally as Day, Classic and Fashion.
Day- Heaven, Cashmere Bunny and Sexpresso.  These are all matte shadows.
Classic- Silk Teddy, Push-up and Erotica.  These are all subtly shimmery.  The names are ridiculous.
Fashion- Nudie, Honey Pot and Chocolate Martini.  Nudie is a matte, Honey Pot is a shimmer and Chocolate Martini is glittery!
I'm pretty excited to try all the looks.  This might be the nicest eyeshadow I have.  I don't know what that says about me.  I've been mostly using Clinique my whole life.  It's been really fun branching out.
Value: $36
Fresh Pastry Tea Towels- When I first heard about the tea towels I was excited because Fresh Pastry has the CUTEST vintage pyrex designs.  Then when the first boxes started arriving, they came out as these. They say Totally and Awesome.  I'm not too impressed by that BUT they will be used and they are HUGE!  I could use these as a bath towel!  Okay, maybe not really but these are really big.
Value: $18

Blue Avocado Eco-Shopper Reusable Tote- So let me try to explain what you are looking at.  This bag comes zipped up like an ipad mini in a case.  I unzipped two sides of it and you are looking at the bag part stuffed inside the "case" part.  It's a pretty big bag (if you look closely you can see how it looks opened up on the tag in the foreground).  I used it today to take my packages to the mailbox.  It made me feel very... well, fifties.  Not fifties in age (okay, maybe a little) but Fifties as in the year 1950.  I think its that the printing of the little flowers is kind of fadey-looking and the blue of the handles is sort of a washed out blue.  Not bad at all!  Just... makes me feel like I'm from a different decade.  This will get plenty of use since the town next to mine banned plastic bags and makes you pay for paper ones.
Value: $24
Naturebox Popsugar Must Have Mix- Cranberries, soybeans, corn and almonds.  I put this on DHs desk for when he feels like a snack.  He loves this kind of thing.  I'm more the type that picks out the one thing I love and just leaves the rest.  I ordered from Naturebox once before and wasn't too impressed with the quality and price of their snacks.  Or their freshness.
Value: $7.99

Caldrea Handsoap in Rosewater Driftwood-  I was at Target today and saw Caldrea there.  $5.99 for hand soap and one of the flavors was Ginger Citrus.  Oh, yum!  Rosewater Driftwood?  Not so much.  It's not an unpleasant smell in the slightest.  It just was spoiled for me because now I know there's an even tastier smell out there.  Ridiculous? Yes, I know.  :)
Value: $9.99 (or $5.99 at Target in a different scent!)

 VERDICT: This Popsugar Must Have Box has a value of over $125!  I paid $20 for it.  Deal?! Yes!  What do I love the most?  The Too Faced palette of course, which has a value of $36.  So even if I only got that one item my box is automatically awesome.  The graphic notebook is not something I would ever spend $36 on even if it is real leather but that is the only thing that won't be used out of everything I got.  The snacks will be eaten, the hand soap will be used, the shopper bag is already in my car and in use and as soon as the towels are washed, they will go into rotation. So this was a great box!

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