Thursday, April 17, 2014

Julep Makes Good on their Terrible Spring Mystery Box.

So if you read my review on the "Speckled for Spring" Julep Mystery Box, then you know that I was very unhappy with what I received.  Well, not all of it.  Just the nail polish colors.

I wrote them an email and told them how sad I was about the color choices they had made and included in the Spring box.  Apparently I wasn't the only one who was offended.  The photo below shows what I received.   No one will say those are Spring Colors (because, duh, they're leftover Fall colors) and since I bought the Spring Mystery box with the understanding that it would contains Spring mysteries, I was a bit grumpy.

Those were the colors they sent me.  Microglitter goldenrod yellow, army green frost, slate grey and brick red.  I felt like I had bought one thing and been given another and I don't like being taken advantage of.

The email I wrote was not an angry, accusing letter.  I'm way too nice to do that.  It was more of a "I am so disappointed, how could you do this to your customers" type of thing.  I definitely wasn't happy but the person reading this email was probably not going to be the person that decided these were the perfect garbage colors to dump on unsuspecting souls.

I received a very nice response to my email a few days after I sent it.  In it she said, she was sorry for what had happened and that she appreciates the feedback because they need to know how their customers are feeling so they can continue to make better choices as they progress as a company.

I'm pretty sure most of that was a form letter.  It mentioned that they were a small company.  While I think its awesome that the founder of Julep is a woman, getting $20 million in venture capitalist funding doesn't make your company exactly peanuts...  I don't like the "we're small, give us some slack" when it's used as an excuse.  Being small is a great way to start connecting in a real way with your customers and it should never be used as a reason for poor service.

 However, I did like all the other products in the box.  My gripe was ONLY with the polish colors.  When I contacted them, they sent me a gift card for $14 to cover the cost of one new polish.  Since the Mystery Box itself cost $24, that was generous enough for me to head over to Julep and pick some new colors.

I chose a two-pack and three singles, used my $14 gift card, a Perk30 discount and $12 of my own money to cover tax and shipping (along with a $4.99 polish).
Now first, I have to admit to some idiocy on my part.  The two-pack that I bought was called Pro-Tulle.  It's currently out of stock and was $9.99 for the two polishes.  When I got to check out, they always have a screen with deals and I purchased Eden (blue) and Greta (sparkly rose).
Pictured: Greta, Joanna, Greta, Anisa
What I didnt know until I got my order was that Greta was part of the Pro Tulle 2-pack!!  Ahaha!  So  now I have two Gretas.  Oh, well, its a pretty color.  Secondly, they emailed me and said that Eden was "on vacation" and would I like a refund or a credit.  

Bummer!  Because Eden is a really glorious blue.  I didn't want a refund or a credit because Eden was $4.99 and I had used Perk30 which would make it even less.  I'd rather have a different polish than $3 back.  So I emailed them and asked if I could get Lacey as a replacement for the Eden and they said Yes!  
Lacey is a $14 polish so I think I did pretty good on that.  That polish will be shipped separately and I should have in a couple days.
So while I think that Julep has some issues they need to sort out, I, at least, am happy with how they resolved this with me.  I just know for sure that I will never purchase a mystery box from them again unless they up their game.

And Greta is a SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS color!!  Wow!  I just applied it and I am in love.  I was thinking of swapping my extra but never mind!  Love!

If you want to get your first Julep Maven box for free (you'll see what you are getting!!!) use the code FREEBOX at checkout.

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