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Taste Trunk March 2014 Gourmet Trunk

I got my Taste Trunk in the mail today!  This is a Premier Gourmet trunk that I purchased using a Gilt City voucher.  I would have posted about the deal but I got it in the last five minutes and that might have been part of the reason I snapped it up so quick.
Reviews for Taste Trunk have been mixed.  While the products are good, the value has just been barely squeaking by the price paid for it.  For this box, my cost was $27.50 plus $9.99 shipping.  If I had known they were going to charge shipping when I entered in my voucher info on their website, I might not have done this.  The regular price is $55 plus shipping.

So let's see what I got for $37.49 in my Premiere Gourmet Taste Trunk!

"The Gourmet Premier comes with packed with 6-10 premium, hand-picked gourmet items from our favorite brands."

Everything was VERY well wrapped with bubble packaging.  I needed my trusty pair of scissors to free this items from their cushions!
As you can see, this trunk hits the bare minimum of items.  Six.  But one of the items is so great, I think it's worth at least two (if not three) just because of how unusual it is.
Himalayan Pink Salt Block-The best item in this box, in my opinion, is this HUGE chunk of Himalayan Pink Salt.  HUGE!  This thing weighs 5.5lbs!  
The card says you can use it to enhance the taste of cold or hot foods.  
For cold foods, place the tile in the refrigerator for one hour then serve salads, fruits, vegetables, sushi or desserts on it.  
For hot foods, place the tile in the oven or grill at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. When it's hot, place the meat on it and put it back in the oven or grill.  The tile will cook, sear, and season your steak, fish, shrimp, etc.
So, like you are probably thinking, I thought that sounded very unsanitary and how could you clean it.  To clean it, just wipe the salt tile with a towel.  Salt is an antiseptic and antibacterial and can be used over and over!
Value: $18/5.5lbs

WildEats San Francisco Seafood Rub- A unique blend of peppers and spices to bring out the natural flavors of your favorite fish.

The card included a recipe for Dry Rubbed Salmon Tacos with Tomatillo-Avocado Slaw.  I might have to make that using my new salt block!
Value: $4.50/3oz
Tarrapin Ridge Farms Sweet Pickle and Onion Burger Topper: a smooth flavorful sauce of mayo, ketchup and mustard with sweet pickle and crunchy diced onions.
The recipe included with this card is for Bacon, Onion and Cheese Stuffed Burgers.  I really am liking how they include recipes for all these fun, new items.
Value: $6.50/8oz

Elki Artichoke Piquillo Bruschetta- A piquant, tasty blend of sun ripened artichokes, piquillo peppers and spices.  Enjoy on a toasted baguette or crackers, toss with hot or cold pasta dishes, use on seafood, grilled meats or as a sandwich spread. This will definitely get used.

Value: $6.95/9.9oz

Barhyte Specialty Foods Aoili Garlic Mustard-  For garlic lovers and mustard lovers alike, this sauce makes a terrific veggie dip and salad dressing, as well as a burger condiment.  Aioli is a fancy name for mayonnaise.  I already have a good opinion of Barhyte but I haven't tried this one!

Value: $2.75/3.25oz

Cucina & Amore Grilled Artichoke Hearts-  Fire grilling brings out an amazing deep, rich and earthy flavor with an ever-present sweet smokiness.

Included is an appetizer recipe for Root Vegetable Salmon Latkes!
Value: $3.49/7.5oz

VERDICT: So, for a value total we are looking at $42.19.  I paid $37.49 so I can understand why other reviewers are saying the value is just not quite there. Remember, this trunk was actually a $55 trunk.  If I'd paid full price I'd probably be a little upset.  The other possibility is that they gave a different box to those who used a discount vs those who didn't.  I'd be a little sad if that was the case because that isn't the way to get your name out there.  

These products are good and unusual and I'm VERY happy with my Salt Block. However, I do know it was from January and the Mustard is from February. Which... Oh, dear.
I just checked the expire dates.  /sigh  The artichokes expire in May.  The burger topper expires in June.  This is not good.  If you want a subscription box to succeed, you can't have dates like that.  Especially if folks are getting a box a month.  Not everything can be used right away!

This is getting to be less fun.  I suppose I will contact them about this.  I still have a Sweet Trunk coming but now I'm a little leery.  At this point, I can't recommend this subscription but we will see how they make it better regarding the expire dates.

**UPDATE**  I feel that I must let you all know that I did contact Taste Trunk and this was put to rights immediately.  The very sweet customer service rep will be sending out replacement products.  They won't be the same products, thankfully, so there will be a surprise in the mail soon.  She also will be sending me tracking which is very important and I was happy she agreed to do that for me.

What do you think about this?  Have you encountered this kind of thing before in a subscription box?  Food or not, those dates are unacceptable.

If you'd like to check out Taste Trunk and see what they have to offer now, you can see the kinds of boxes they have available here.

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