Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Crispery CrispyCake Goodness Delivery!

My Crispycake delivery arrived today.

I first encountered these delicious treats in a Taste Trunk Sweet Box.  All I can say is... Okay, wait.  These are so good I have to say a LOT about them.  These are GOOD.  TASTY.  AMAZING!

So good, in fact, that I went to their website and ordered more even though the shipping price was exorbitant.

First, these things are huge!  They are sandwich sized rice crispy treats!  And are they ever marshmallowy.  There might be more marshmallow than rice crispies.  As you can see they have a variety of flavors and I got four.  I didn't NEED four but I got four to make up for the awful shipping price.  

These giant cakes are $3.75 each.  Until you add shipping.  If you are lucky enough to live somewhere these are sold, it's totally worth the price in gas to drive and get these.  They were having an Easter Sale so I got 10% off so that helped me over the shipping price hurdle.

Here's what I got:
Cocoa Confection- cocoa dusted rice crispies with choocolate marshmallow slathered in between the two crispycake layers.  I tried this one already.  It's pretty sweet and the chocolate layer is quite tasty.  It also looks like it has chocolate chips and mini marshmallows in the layer of chocolate marshmallow.  I can't tell because I haven't eaten far enough in.

Chocolate Sprinkled Crispycake and an Easter Sprinkled Crispycake.  I tried the Easter Sprinkled one.  The sprinkles smell funny and that sort of takes away from the tastiness of the marshmallow crispy parts.

Mini Marshmallow Chocolate Drizzle.  I can't wait to try this but since I currently have already opened and samples the Easter one and the Cocoa one, I think I should wait.

One problem I'm finding (especially since I opened two and there is NO way I can eat them both right away (or even today-these cookies have four servings!) is they are difficult to keep.  They stick to everything!  I wrapped one in parchment paper and put it in a plastic baggie hoping it stays fresh.  These have expire dates on them and it says they are good for six months on their website.

In any case, the first one I ever tried was a caramel crispycake sandwich.  I don't really like caramel so I ate the top and bottom.  It was really good!  I got that in my Taste Trunk Sweet Trunk.

VERDICT:  If you see a Crispery Crispycake somewhere, TRY IT!  They're so good!


  1. Ahhh, I've been wanting to try The Crispery since forever!!! But I can't bring myself to press "place order" after the shipping factors in. :( PS: How long did it take for the box to arrive after you placed your order?

    1. It took one week exactly. I suppose the more economical way to get a crispycake is to make your own. And eat the whole pan. For a quarter of the price. I'm contemplating that. I definitely prefer the more normal ones. I ended up not caring for the chocolate marshmallow innards in the cocoa one. The chocolate sprinkle one was my favorite. :) The shipping is seriously overpriced. I won't do that again without a really good coupon.