Thursday, May 22, 2014

24 Hours ONLY! $10 FREE Memepoints! Expanded Shipping!

Memebox Global

In other words, get over to Memebox immediately and use your TEN free Memepoints!

These points are to celebrate expanded shipping!

"Memebox is finally available for purchase in the following 12 countries
: Austria, Estonia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Thailand, Turkey

To welcome Memebox's new friends from 12 different countries, we are giving away 10 points to everyone, which are only valid for the next 24 hours!
New Memebox members will receive 10 welcome points only for the next 24 hours!!
Celebrate with us and share the news with your friends :)"

I just got the Summer Box for $7 because I had a few other points to use.  Yay!

If you do not currently have an account, you can make one today and get your free ten points.  I'm not sure how they are doing that since you normally would get 2 points for signing up but it's definitely worth a try, especially if you love or want to try new and unusual Korean beauty products.

Updating soon with available boxes for you.

If you haven't already, I do recommend getting Memebox #14.  I think the regular global Memeboxes are a great deal for $23.  There are a wide variety of products in each box and the value is definitely there for what you get.

Other boxes still available (or not!  They're selling out as I type! People are figuring out they have points now!):

*updated to reflect only available boxes @ 2:30PST

*Superbox #22 Pore Care #2
Superbox #23 Summer Box
Superbox #24 Waxing Box
Superbox #25 Foot Care Box
Superbox #21 DermoCosmetics
Superbox #20 All in One
Superbox #19 Honey

Superbox Snail #2
Superbox Anti-Aging #2
Superbox Free from Oil and Troubles #3

Memebox #14
Memebox Color Box Red
Memebox Color Box Blue
Memebox Color Box Orange
*Memebox Special Edition Milk
*Memebox Special Edition Whole Grains
*Memebox Special Edition Oriental Medicine
Memeboxes #14-16 as a bundle
Memebox Office Essentials
Memebox for Hair and Body #2
Memebox 10 Minute Box
*Memebox From Nature- Read what's in this box here.
Memebox For Him #2

Oh and then there's Naked Boxes.  I'm not sure if any are left though. You have to use that link because they are hiding them on the website.  There are two left, 17 and 19, I just checked!

*Starred boxes will give you Free Memepoints for purchasing (to be used on your next order).

Don't forget to use MEMEBUNDLE3 for $5 off if you get three boxes!  There were blogger codes working but it looks like they disabled them.


  1. Forget what I said yesterday!!! xD let's shop! :D

  2. I couldn't resist the points. I ordered the Whole Grain box :D

    1. I'm wondering what is going to be in that! The only thing I can think of is oatmeal soap. And it specifically says *whole* grain! I think its going to be a fun box!