Monday, May 12, 2014

A New Special Edition Memebox!

Just when you thought you might be safe from new Memeboxes you can't live without, they inevitably find one you can't live without.

Yes, an Office Essentials Memebox!  Apparently it was first put up on the site as the "Office Lady" box but they changed it.

It is $23 plus shipping.

Here is what they say about this box:

Must-have beauty essentials for career women come together in our new Office Essentials Box!!!

Ladies, we all have extra heels or pieces of clothing stashed away at work in case of professional meetings or socializing afterwards, but what about beauty products?

Whether you had a crazy morning and need to finish getting ready for work or you simply need to freshen up in-between, there are handy beauty items every working woman absolutely needs to keep at the office!

Now, there’s no need to turn your desk into a dressing table anymore. Just place our Office Essentials Box in your drawer, and you’ll be prepared for any possible occasions and feminine emergencies at work.

This box will ship out June 20th.

What do you think?  Some of the word choices are interesting but I can't tell if its language barrier or intentional.  Either way... Eeee!


  1. The picture looks cool!. but I don't work... so don't need it I think :P

    1. Me either but that doesn't mean it won't have fun stuff in it! I successfully resisted it, though. I think I'd get the restocked Green Tea box first. Except I just got #14 instead. :D


    Spoilers for Office box!!

    1. OH! That is amazing!! And hilarious at the same time! I wonder if any of those products will be included in the 10 minute Memebox (it *does* say "inside and out" in the description)! And I can't believe "feminine emergencies" was exactly what it made me think of... :D