Thursday, May 15, 2014

All the Things!

This is my random thoughts post.  Maybe I should give it a name of some sort because I can tell I'm going to have lots of thoughts... :D

First...  Oh, Fortune Cookie Soap, I wish you were here.  Instead you are in Indiana.  You were much closer when you were in Texas.  I don't care if you want to see the world, I want you in my mailbox!!

My Birchbox(es) appear to have gone AWOL.  At least according to the tracking.  Luckily, I found out that there was some kind of mistake and Birchbox accidentally recycled tracking codes.  Since the boxes were all labelled correctly, I'm sure they will get here but still!!  Now I can't hover over my email box clicking "Track" every hour to see if its updated.  Don't tell me you haven't done this because I know you have.  :D
Still, the box that uploaded for one of my accounts made me SO happy!!  Caldrea! Votivo! Pixi! Oh, my!  The other box won't show because I cancelled that account after I got the shipping notice. I have not really cared for many of my Birchboxes on my regular account so I'm thinking of cancelling and sticking with this new account with the delightful and most wonderful contents. Plus, I should be getting a Kate Spade necklace and a snap tray!  I want my three boxes!  Oh, the mystery of the contents of the third box might kill me :)

I still can't get over how gloriously happy my Ipsy bag this month made me!

My Bulubox subscription ends next month and I'm not sure I'm going to continue with it.  I suppose I can find another deal that would make it only $5/month again.  If I do, I might as well get it, right?  I ordered product from them and they lost my order.  I contacted them and they said Whoops, we will resend it.  That was almost two weeks ago.  Hm.

My second Barkbox is on its way!  I got a long subscription using a freaking unreally good coupon code so we will be getting these for quite a long time.  It's hard because my first dog box was the Happydogbox and I liked that one better.  Mainly because Bugsy fell in love with one of the toys and hasn't destroyed it.  He will run, get it and then sleep with it in his bed.  He's awfully cute.  I discovered there's also a Bugsy's Box and as ridiculous as that is, I want to get it just because that's his name!

My last month of BeautyArmy shipped.  I didn't really care for the service and I won't be re-upping my subscription.  Yes, you get to choose your samples but the pickings aren't very good.  I can save that money for... another Birchbox...  Or half a Glossybox...

MEMEBOX!  Ah!  I hardly know where to start!  I have five boxes out in the ether making their way here!  Expect a lot of reviews shortly.  I need to do #10, too.  I know what's in it but I really want it to show up so I can do a real review with pictures that are mine.  It's SO good!  I contacted Memebox about getting my readers a special coupon code but I haven't heard back yet!  You can use them once in a month, then have to get a new one for the next month.

The Honest Company will be sending my first bundle soon!  They emailed me today and offered me a free product with my first bundle!  That makes up for the Invited10 code not working because I ordered the free trial pack.  I ordered so much stuff.  I can't wait to share what I got!
I'm seriously in love with their stuff.

Expect an Escape Monthly review soon, along with Saffron Rouge.  I have really no idea what to expect with Escape Monthly so I'm super excited to get it!

I also will be getting a June Pashbox!  Thanks to Lauren at Subscription Box Addicts!  I entered her giveaway and, shockingly, won!  Now I can't say the last time I won something was at my dad's company picnic when I was 12!  Back then I won a talking dog and I loved it.  Now this might not be a talking dog but it IS a subscription box full of scarves!!  What's not to love!?  Thanks, Lauren!

Also, I'm looking for a Tea Subscription.  Preferably monthly and under $20.  If you can recommend any, let me know.  I've seen a couple but can't find many reviews.

I feel much better now that all the things I've been thinking about have been dumped onto my screen! Yay!

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  1. I hope you like your box! I've only tried 2 tea subscriptions, Tea Sparrow and Steepster. Steepster is a little pricier ($25/month) but they send more teas, 2 each of 5 types (10 total). Tea Sparrow is $20, but they only send 4 teas, and no filters. I liked the teas in both, but I think I preferred the Steepster blends as a whole (though the peppermint tea from Tea Sparrow was my all-time fave). My mom got some fun Champagne teas from Tea Sparrow that she really liked as well. Long comment, but that's what I know about tea! Lol
    - Lauren

  2. Random thoughts posts are my favorite kinds of posts because you really get to know the blogger. :)

    Hilariously enough with Birchbox... I'm getting THREE of the same box (#34), haha. My last account just updated today and I just laughed. But I'm not upset because all it has the purple LAQA, which is great for trades. ;) And I love the vitamin gummies hahaha. That last box has someone else's tracking so I have no idea when it will come, but I hope it does... somehow. XD

    "I can save that money for... another Birchbox..." YESSSS DO IT. >:D

    I can't wait to see your review for Escape Monthly! You're getting the California box, right?

    1. What is in box #34 besides the LAQA and... gummy vitamins :\...

  3. About memebox is a very cool idea :D I'll be happy to use your code.. maybe I can get one too and you can use mine ;) hahah :D