Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Barkbox May 2014 Review! It's a hit!

Here is Bugsy with his Barkbox!  I have two rat terriers who weigh about 15lbs and we get the Small dog box.  This is our second Barkbox and I love them almost as much as my dogs do!

The theme this month is The Farmer's Market.  They sent toys and treats inspired by finds in greenmarkets and put organic, GMO-free ingredients with eco-friendly toys.

The Cost: $29/month to month down to $19 with a six month subscription.  You can use my referral code to get a free box added to the end of your subscription.

If you want a REALLY good deal there is also this FANTASTIC deal on Groupon right now! Three months for $42.50!

What You Get: When you sign up for BarkBox, every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!

I really do like how there is a nice mix of toys and treats.  This box had 5 products in it!  When I opened the box and left it on the floor to see what the boys would do, Bugsy sniffed in and grabbed the fuzzy toy and Dexter ran off with the Barkworthies stick.  He was a good boy and came back and dropped it when I told him to!

PetSafe Wild Thangs Fox Plushie-  This is a fuzzy fox with no eyes.  My dogs LOVE to rip out the eyes off of all their toys.  Instincts are strange.  My dogs love to shred things and this toy currently has half its hair.
However, after half its hair disappeared this has now become a favorite. Both dogs run around squeaking it and playing tug of war with each other.  It still has all its guts AND its squeaker!  My dogs are fanatics when it comes to toys and ripping out guts. I'm shocked its lasted as long as it has!
Dexter runs around crying with this in his mouth.  That means he likes it.  He probably wants to go bury it but I'm not going to let him.
Value: $8.99

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Produce Raspberry-  Made in the USA and... minty?!  Bugsy has not stopped playing with this since I gave it to him.  He is currently writhing around on the floor, chasing it.  He LOVES balls and this is wonderfully bouncy.   He loves to chase it because it bounces crazily so he never knows where it's going to end up.  It has a hole in it for treats but I haven't put anything in there.
Value: $6.95

Plato Organic Chicken Dog Treats 6oz bag- Made in California and free of artificial flavors, colors, synthetic preservatives and GMO's.  My dogs are not picky about treats in the slightest.  They loved these.  Dexter did all the tricks he knows in a row so he could have another one.
Value: $8.99

Barkworthies- I love these and I hope I get at least one in every single box.  Bully sticks are one of my favorite treats for keeping a dog busy.  The nice thing about these is that they are 100% digestible.  They're solid protein so they won't get stuck like rawhide if a chunk happens to get swallowed.  I still make sure I'm in the room while they eat them but we haven't had ANY issues.
Value: $3

Snicky Snaks Apple Cobbler 6oz box- 100% Organic and Made in the USA! These have ingredients that make me want to try them.  I just did.  They taste like cinnamony oat bran.
Wheat, corn and soy free.  These have real ingredients!  The dogs love them.
Value: $5.99

VERDICT: I have a six month subscription to Barkbox and I am SO glad I do!  These boxes have been wonderful.  For $19/month I got far more than my moneys worth.  The treats alone probably hit pretty close to $19.  One of the reasons I love Barkbox so much is because they send me things I normally wouldn't consider like the raspberry ball that Bugsy STILL is playing with.  I also like that they send nice big bags of treats.  Not tiny sample sizes, these are real bags of treats that will last a long time!  I like getting new kinds of treats. I also like that I never have to worry about running out of treats and I never have to make a special trip to get them.  So easy and it keeps the boys occupied with new things.

If you would like to sign up, you can head to their website using my referral link and get a FREE box added to the end of your subscription..  Or you can get the Groupon deal of 3 months for $42.50 which is a way better deal, I admit freely!

*referral codes were used in the making of this post :)


  1. You got some great stuff this month! Bugsy and Dexter are hilarious! I'm picturing a rat terrier crying out of sheer joy while his brother is next to him lying on his back trying to kill the ball. Dogs are great. The Snicky Snaks sound yummy. Apple cobbler? Yes, please.

    1. Do either of your dogs do that? Cry with a toy? It only happens if he really loves a toy. He will run around crying and then try to hide it (usually in the couch cushions since I won't let him bury them outside). I love that the ball is super bouncy because it means Bugsy can entertain himself. He is currently bouncing it down the stairs, running down to get it, running back up and then dropping it down the stairs again. >.<

  2. I have yet to see them cry with a toy, but they do cry out of happiness WITHOUT a toy. Like squirming around on their back out of pure delight and making weird dog noises. Your Bugsy is one smart pup to figure out how to play games solo!

    1. Aww!! I think I need a Corgi :D I need a dog that sploots!