Friday, May 9, 2014

BeautyDNA May 2014 Review!

BeautyDNA is new on the subscription box scene and what they do, they do well.  Each month they will send you a full size product tailored to you, directly to your door.

How do they do this?  Well, when you sign up you will have a 17 page questionnaire to fill out!  That's right, they take seventeen pages of your information and use that to find the perfect product for your hair, skin or body.

The Cost: $25/month

What You Get: One (possibly two) full size hair, body or skincare products chosen especially for you based on your profile delivered right to your door monthly.

I received my second box today and it's a good one!  I normally would prefer to only have skincare but they switch it up every month so that you don't get overwhelmed with product.  You can only use so much shampoo in a month, right?  This subscription is beta testing right now and I've gotta say they've done excellently.
The product comes very safely packaged.  The box is always so much bigger than what's in there so you never know what you are going to get.  The other thing is that you will not be getting the same thing as everyone else, remember this is customized.  Just because you read this review and see what I got, does not mean that this is what you will get.  It's all about YOU at beautyDNA!

This month I got a body product.  Last month I received a skincare item which was SkynIceland Pure Cloud Cream.  I never would buy that normally because it costs $75 but beautyDNA was a great way to get it!
 With every shipment they send a card telling you why they picked the product they did for you.  They use some kind of algorithm and punch everything into the computer along with all their products and out comes the thing you didn't know you needed!  In this case, I got a rich and moisturizing sugar scrub with shea butter and vitamin e.  No lavender is KEY since I'm allergic.
I'm not quite sure what I put that made them think I wanted a natural product.  Or maybe its because I put that I didn't mind getting natural products.  I'd have to go read my profile again to see.

emerginC scientific organics ginger-lime sugar scrub-  Lime offers gentle exfoliating benefits while ginger oil reduces inflammation and brightens, revealing healthy, radiant skin. Shea butter and a blend of natural oils, including apricot, grape seed and coconut oils, nourish and condition for a smooth, supple feel.
Full Size Value: $45

While I'm not a fan of body products, especially when they're lotions, this is an excellent choice for a body care product for me.  I really would never want a body lotion or a cellulite cream or whatever else they might come up with.  Hmm... Although I could totally do body wash.  I didnt even think about how that could be a body care thing.

Ginger-lime might be the most heavenly smell ever and I will use this for sure.  I can't wait!  I hope I smell as good as it says I will!

VERDICT:  I think this is a fabulous subscription!  The products are great and the value is definitely there.  I love how customized everything is.  Finally, filling out a profile means something!  The quality of the products received is also very good.  These are good, high end brands.  I've been happy with what I've received, definitely.

If you are interested in signing up, go to and join!  You'll need some time available to fill out your profile so be aware of that.

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