Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Escape Monthly Deal on Living Social

Escape Monthly is offering a great deal on Living Social right now!!  One month for $29 or 3 months for $97!  These subscriptions are usually $50 a month so this is a great deal!

Escape Monthly is a monthly destination-inspired subscription focuses on pampering you!

The Cost: $49.95/month OR use the deal on Living Social and get one month for $29!

What You Get: Full Size Luxury Products from Local, Artisan brands, travel guides and secret tips, special offers for resorts, spas and travel along with the opportunity to win a vacation to the Destination of the Month.

The past two destinations have been Mexico and California!  The one before that was Ireland!

Escape Monthly

I was debating this deal and had it in my cart.  Then without thinking, I bought it!  Whoops!  Now I have two months of Escape Monthly waiting for me!  I bought one earlier on Gilt City when it was on sale.  I think it was pretty much the same deal as this one, too.  So thats good!

Have you received this box before?  Do you like to travel?  It seems like the guidebooks might be a little  unnecessary for people but in our case, they'll come in handy!  We love to travel and I love to have the guidebooks to plan my trips from.

This current month, the theme is California!  I would expect some natural products, good treats, maybe a wine gadget and I know that Juice Beauty will be featured in this box, as well!

If this sounds like something you'd like, head to Living Social and take advantage of this great deal!


  1. I thought Escape Monthly would be really awesome given their high price point, but sadly their boxes are usually just a lot of food, the guide book, and maybe one or two household/beauty items. I don't really find them representative of the destination, but eh. XD I did actually get the NY box and was underwhelmed, then skipped the Mexico and CA boxes because I live in CA. Though I am curious to see what they will include in the CA box... But if they ever do a Madrid box, I'm totally in!

    I do hope you love your boxes, whichever months you choose to redeem for! :D

    1. I wasn't going to get the California one but since I accidentally bought an extra month I figured I might as well. They are saying this is the "most luxurious box yet". I know it has Juice Beauty in it. But my other code is good til December so I'm saving it for something awesome. Madrid would be fabulous and if they did New Orleans or Boston, I'm there!