Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fabletics Subscription for Active Wear May 2014


I've been looking at this Fabletics subscription thing for awhile now.  I love to lounge around in workout wear but it's not exactly the cheapest clothing on the planet.  I also like to workout in it, garden in it and go to the store in it.

You can see what kind of a person I am... Heh.

Anyway,  Fabletics is currently running a 50% off special so I decided to sign up.  When you go to the site, a pop up comes up and tells you about the 50% off sale and you make your account right then and there.

You then have 24 hours to choose an outfit.  Here's the outfit I chose:
It's three pieces.  The over shirt, a sports bra and crop pants.  Guess how much I paid for all that?  $19.97!

Yeah, so I couldn't resist.  The weird thing was (and I don't know how it came about) that not only did I get the 50% off but I also got a $10 credit.  Normally that outfit is $60 but I got it for the 50% off AND $10 off!  I think it might have been because I chose VIP Membership or something or maybe because I used a referral link.  If you sign up, I'd love it if you used mine! Especially if it gets you $10 more off!

If you've been thinking about Fabletics, I think you should head over there because I don't know where that $10 came from and hopefully you'll get it too!

Okay, so more about how Fabletics works.  Once you buy your first outfit, you are automatically subscribed to their service.  Which means they send you a new outfit every month.

The Cost: $49.95/month with a skip option

What You Get: A complete, matching workout outfit of 2-3 pieces along with special pricing on all separates and workout gear.

Luckily, they have a wonderful feature that I wish ALL subscriptions had.  They have a SKIP feature!  If you don't want to buy anything that month or you think everything is hideous, you don't have to pay, you just skip!

The "catch" is that you have to do it before the 5th of the month or they charge you anyway and you receive an outfit credit in your account to use later.  Honestly, I can't see myself spending $50 a month on workout gear, even if it is an excellent deal.  So the Skip function will definitely be used by me.  I will most likely purchase again if I find a good coupon code.  You can use coupon codes when you check out, I noticed.  Hopefully, codes will work on the regular monthly purchase but I don't know yet.

After you sign up, they have a little quiz that you take and at the end of it they show you a bunch of outfits they think you will like.  I think there is ten to pick from.  You can also just purchase some of the items as singles, it looks like.  I didn't try that.  I think you get a really good discount on the whole outfits but end up paying more if you were to buy them separately.
They have so many cute things, though.  And their size ranges are from 00-20 which is awesome! When you fill out your profile they have you choose things like "I like my arms covered" or "I like to show off my abs" so that they can pick outfits to show you that they think you will like.  You can always look at ALL the outfits, of course.  I did that but I still ended up choosing one that they had originally picked for me. :)

They also have a points program!  You get points for making purchases, reviewing your items and referring friends.  For every 1000 points, you get a free outfit.

To cancel, you have to call them which stinks but its so easy to skip which makes it better.  They won't charge your card until your outfit SHIPS which is nice.  They don't keep your money all month and then ship it (I still love you, Glossybox).

I'll do an update on the quality of the clothing I receive once my outfit arrives.  I'm *really* curious about that.  In any case, getting the first outfit for 50% off is definitely worth it!

*referral codes were used in the making of this post :)

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