Thursday, May 8, 2014

From the Lab May 2014 Trial Month Review

From the Lab

So From the Lab is a beauty subscription box that sends one or two full size beauty products each month.  The unique thing about them is that they send you products BEFORE they are bought by companies like Estee Lauder or L'Oreal, etc and then packaged for retail sale.
From the Lab finds amazing recipes at top cosmetics laboratories and snags them before a cosmetic company like Estee Lauder buys it from them.  So you could have a $95 primer in your box but you wouldn't know it!

The Cost: $29.95/mo plus shipping or you can get a 3 Month Subscription for $23/month.

What You Get: Each month you will receive one or more full size luxury beauty products in the categories of skin care, hair care and color cosmetics.  The values tend to be an average of $100.

Now, I went to their website and signed up for emails (but not for a subscription).  A few days later I received an email saying I could try From the Lab products for one month for only the price of shipping.  Well, of course I want to do that!  The kicker is that you are enrolled in the monthly sub for the regular price in subsequent months.  I've already written down the date I need to cancel because this really isn't the kind of subscription I'm looking for.  I prefer samples, quite honestly.

I received my shipment today!  It was a complete surprise since there was no tracking email and they only mailed out their monthly boxes two days ago! That was fast!

I forgot to mention that I got to choose what I would like.  There was five things to choose from.  There was a body firming cream, a facial toner, a hair conditioner and this!

From the Lab does a great job with their informational material, too.  It tells you everything you need to know about the ingredients and how to use the product.

I ended up choosing the Facial Primer and the Eyelift Primer.  I'm still looking for the perfect primer for my face and this was a great opportunity to get a full size that will likely last me forever.
Here's my stuff, sleeping in their little bed.  I do have to say that there is quite a bit of paper waste with this packaging they use.  It was a pretty big box for such little items.

Eyelift Primer No. 328- minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Weightless with a creamy texture that diffuses light to provide an optical smoothing effect.  A long-wearing formula that prevents creasing and keeps eyeshadow vibrant for up to 12 hours.
This is a sheer beige color, a neutral base for eyeshadow.  It imparts a luminous finish for a brighter, lifted eye.

I swatched this and its thicker than I was expecting.  It's also sparkly which I'm guessing is why they say "luminous finish".
For staying power this stuff is pretty amazing.  I swatched it on my hand several hours and many handwashings ago and it's STILL there!  I can still see the sparkly sheen on my hand.


I am amazed!  This is a fabulous product!  The previous eyelid primer I used was bareMinerals and it creased pretty much immediately.  I used this this morning and ten hours later, my eyeshadow looks PERFECT!  It looks like I just applied it!  I will be really sad when I run out of this.  I'm so glad its a full size product.
Also,  when it talks about "lifting" your eyes...  I'm not kidding but it does.  Not really, of course, but visually.  I looked more awake and kind of like I had more space between my eyelid and my eyebrow.  Of course I didn't actually but it *looked* that way and I was very pleased with the effect.
I can't believe I got this for the cost of shipping.  This is a quality product.

Face Primer No. 327- Glides on your skin, creating a smooth finish that keeps your make up looking fresh for up to 24 hours.  Visibly smoothes skin and makes it appear more luminous.  The innovative formula reflects light for an even, natural, high definition finish that doesn't feel heavy or clog pores.
It has a weightless, gel-cream texture and keeps your skin feeling silky and soft.  This is paraben free.  I don't even know what parabens are but none of From The Lab's products have them.
I used this on the back of my hand and I was horrified at how white it was but it smoothed in nicely without turning me ghostly. :)  Part of its benefits are that it is anti-aging but the only ingredient I see for that is titanium dioxide which is sunscreen.  I'm glad it has sunscreen.  It also has something called Sarcosine which visibly minimizes pores.
When I compared my hands after I put the primer on one of them, I really was amazed at how smooth and soft my swatched had looked compared to the other.  I'm definitely using this on my face tomorrow.


I used this product today. This is really, really runny.  Like it dripped down my finger type of runny. It goes on very sheer and extremely light.  Light as in not heavy or greasy in the slightest which is the feeling I get with my Laura Mercier primer.  It's very silky and evened out my skin tone very nicely.  I feel like my skin is red a lot of the time and this completely got rid of that.   There was no creasing in the powder foundation I put on afterwards (even now, 10 hours later). No make up settled in my smile lines or the little lines under my eyes either.  Also, my face has been matte all day! No forehead shine whatsoever. Yay! I'm very happy with it and will continue to use this.  The way it got rid of my redness convinced me the second I put it on.  That alone is worth it for me.

VERDICT: For $6 in shipping and a slight nuisance of remembering to cancel, this was a truly fantastic deal.  I am VERY pleased with these products.  Tomorrow will be the real test for both of them because I will be doing full make-up (date night with DH!).  I'm really happy I randomly got that email because I think these will be useful to me for a long time.

Now remember that you will normally not get to choose your product.  You get what they send you and everyone gets the same thing.  The last few months have been a shampoo and conditioner, a micellar water toner and a body lotion.

Don't let that deter you from subscribing, though!  I am not a connoisseur of all things beauty by any means!  And I do believe that these are excellent products.  The company is very transparent about their ingredients, listing everything in the paperwork that comes with what you receive.

If you want to subscribe,  I would love it if you used my referral link to sign up on the From the Lab website!
Another thing I should mention is that if you are a subscriber you have access to their shop and you can purchase products you have tested previously or want to test at great prices (considering how much it would cost at a department store anyway!)

There's also a Rue La La discount running right now, too.  Log in, click the Women tab and scroll down a row or two.  You can get a 3 month subscription for $69 plus a $20 credit to spend in their shop.  Pretty good deal considering that would be $90 normally.  They also have a $45 deal where you can get the same two products I got today PLUS a face cream, an eye cream and a body serum.  All full size.

There! Now you have more information than you ever thought you'd need!

*referral/affiliate links were used in the making of this post :)


  1. I got this same deal - I like the primers, but I won't be keeping the subscription either. If you could pick your items I might, but I would never, for example, spend $30 on a body lotion.

    1. Exactly! I'm the same way. I don't mind random samples from subscriptions like Birchbox and Sample Society but one mystery item for $30 is too much for me to justify.

  2. How do you sign up for their email list?

    1. I think I just made an account there. It's at the top left of the page. It says Join Now or something similar. I didn't buy anything, I just made the account. Hopefully, if you do that then you will get the email for the free trial, too! Just be aware that if you don't want to continue after you get your free shipment, that you will have to cancel.

    2. Oh, wait! Scratch what I said! I just went to the site and tried to remember what I had done. It was when they were Full! I had to put my name on a waitlist. Then they emailed me and told me there was a spot available for me if I wanted it but I didn't respond. Two weeks later, I got that email. Darn! I wish I could've made it work for you!