Tuesday, May 27, 2014

From The Lab May 2014 Review

If you recall from my first post about from the Lab, you may remember that I thought I wouldn't continue this subscription.  Then I tried the products.  Then I saw the sneak peeks for May 2014. I frantically emailed them (yes, it was frantic! I don't even think I put my name at the bottom!) asking how could I get the *real* May box.
After some stellar customer service, here I am with my May box! Yay!

From the Lab partners with some of the best independent cosmetic labs in the world to procure their most groundbreaking products before prestige beauty brands introduce these same formulas, patents, and ingredients to the retail market. They do not use elaborate packaging and deal directly with the labs.

The Cost: $29.95/month or get a 3 month for $69/month + $10 to spend in their store

What You Get: Full size, luxury skin care, hair care or color cosmetic products with at least a 30 day supply.  They will send 1-3 products of their choice every month.  You will also receive access to their members store where you can re-purchase the products you love (before you can only get them retail) or try new ones they are offering at discounted prices.

One thing to note is that all From the Lab products are cruelty-free. They only choose products with plant-based and synthetic ingredients that have never been tested on animals.  They also will not choose a product that includes any substance of animal origin.

All From the Lab formulas are free of parabens, benzene, formaldehyde-releasing ingredients, irritants, nanoparticles, nitrosating ingredients, PABA, phthalates, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, toluene, and mineral oils and other comedogenic actives that clog pores.

The month of May has two products with an estimated retail value of more than $90!  When I saw this spoiler I *had* to have it.  With each box they send an informational brochure.  The brochures are where you will find all the claims the product makes, the ingredient list and the best way to use the product.  In other words, read it!

The two products sent this month are an under eye treatment and a lip primer.  I was mostly in this for the lip primer, I admit but now that I've tried both of them, I'm really happy I subscribed.

Illuminating Under Eye Treatment No. 628- This product is designed to alter the way your skin reflects light, camouflaging dark circles and puffiness as it brightens the area under your eye.  It has a proprietary blend of natural actives and hydrating raspberry stem cells to create a "soft focus powder" and make your skin appear younger and healthier.
This will give you a more rested, radiant and luminescent appearance.  The stem cells and actives stimulate collagen production and hydration so that fine lines and dryness seem to disappear.
It also contains Vitamin E.
This is tinted and has the tiniest specks of shimmer in it.  It blends perfectly.  If you use too much it will pill.  I applied this to my under eye and checked it out in natural, fluorescent and incandescent lighting.  The best effect was in natural sunlight.  I could barely see my dark circles. The caffeine in it eliminated my under-eye puffiness, too.
The shimmer is so so subtle that I used this as a highlighter while contouring.  Glorious!  Super sheer, subtly illuminating.  I know, I know, its for your under eye but it worked great!  I'm not sure of how long the effect lasts, though.  I'll have to play around a little more.

Hydrating Lip Primer No. 629-  Enriched with stem cells, antioxidants and super peptides, this lip primer will protect and hydrate your lips so they look and feel healthier.  This promises to keep your lipsticks, stains and glosses true and hold them in place longer without feathering.
This leaves your lips plump (hydrated), silky and smooth.  It also has raspberry stem cells in it which, along with a proprietary Peptide Complex, help stimulate the synthesis of collagen and sodium hyaluronate.  This helps give your lips a more voluptous look with a clearer, more defined outline.
First, this is NOT a gloss.  This goes on so silky smooth and it leaves your lips feeling... delicate is the only word I can think of.  It makes your lips SO smooth and not slick in the slightest.  It's almost like it turns into a super sheer powder.  I can't explain it.

Its completely clear and its a gel.  But it really does make your lips feel silky and smooth!  The applicator is great, too.  It's not a hard plastic, its a little rubbery and it works great for applying this over your lips.  It tells you to squeeze from the bottom to get the product out then apply.  It does take some squeezing and you only need a tiny bit.
I seriously love this! Zero feathering, even with a lip tint!  It did not prevent the "gradient lip" effect of the tint but I'm not expecting too many miracles. Heh.  I also tried this with regular lipstick.  I was hoping it would prevent my lipstick from transferring to my coffee cup but it didn't do that.  Not that it promises to do that, I was just secretly hoping.  No feathering without a lipliner is a big win for me.  I'm happy I received this!

VERDICT:  I've been really happy with all four products I've received so far.  This is basically like paying $15 for each item.  I easily pay that for a Clinique lipstick and these have way better effects. I'm still going to experiment with the Under Eye Treatment and the Lip Primer is definitely going straight in my purse.  I love the effect it gives.  I'm definitely keeping this subscription.

If you sign up and after one month you would like to unsubscribe it's super easy to do from your Member Account.
The customer service is fantastic, if you are unsatisfied you can return your box that month for a full refund less shipping and handling!  That's kind of unheard of for a subscription box.
Multiple month subscriptions do not auto-renew (which is SO nice!) but you will get an email reminding you that your subscription is ending.

If you'd like to sign up, you can use my referral link and get a 3 month subscription for $23/month plus shipping!  You'll also get a member credit of $10.  How fun is that!?

*referral/affiliate links were used in the making of this post :)

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