Thursday, May 8, 2014

Garden Pictures May 2014

I'm really starting to get happy about my garden!  I was out there today weeding and hacking my monarda into shape (it was trying to eat my peonies) and saw my first iris bloom!  Three years!!!
Three years it's taken for these things to actually produce a flower.  There are buds everywhere now, though! Yay!

Oh, yeah.  It was raining the whole time I was out there.  It's really hard to stop, though, and really easy to get distracted once I get out there.

My Allium, just getting started!  I love allium so much.  I hate onions but these are the pretty relations!  I believe these are the Globemaster variety.

Chives are really amazing.  They are so pretty in bloom and you can eat the leaves!  You can probably eat the flower, too, but who wants to do that. :)  They grow anywhere, you can't kill them and they grow in perfect clumps.
 This is one of my favorite spots this year.  Considering this area was a shady bog, I'd say its an improvement.  This is a few kinds of astilbe, Shooting Star hellebore, a nice big hosta and some sedum.  Plus my cute birdcage that I need to find a way to put some kind of plant in or something.
This is my monarda (bee balm, right) trying to gobble down my peonies (middle, back).  Plus one lone Purple Sensation Allium.  I'm guessing the monarda ate the rest of those.  Sigh.  I'm going to pull up a lot of monarda since it's way too happy and not in a spot for that kind of rampant growth.  It's gonna look SO good when its blooming though!  I won't do a big move with it till fall.  Until then I just cut some of it back and dug away some bits that were clogging my peonies.  Which will also look amazing this year.  On the left side of the picture is my Glacier Blue Euphorbia.  Which I don't really like...  I just can't get it to look good.  I should look up ways to make your euphorbia look good and not like a plain stalk with a poof on top.
I'm trying to decide what to do with all my tulip foliage (foreground).  I know they need leaves to store up energy for next year but it looks so... straggly and ugly.  I think I'm done with bulbs.  I said that last year, too and then bought 200 more.  Did I get 200 tulips? Nope.  So, this time I'm *really* not going to buy any bulbs.  No matter how good the deal at Costco is.

Gardening is so fun!  Very time consuming (hmm... kinda like blogging!) but so rewarding!  Plus I like it when the neighbors come by and say how beautiful it is in the summer. :)  I feel like I'm making something for everyone to enjoy, not just me.


  1. Your garden looks AMAZING. Like, seriously amazing. Wow. :O As in I'd stop to take photos with my DSLR because your blooms are fantastic. Personally, I'm too lazy to garden (lol), but maybe one day I'll grow my namesake. :p

    1. Thank you! I'm not gonna lie... It is a LOT of work. I feel like I spend half my life out there. I *wish* I had a dslr camera JUST for my flowers! I've only had flowers for two years and I still can't believe how amazing some of them are.

  2. He an iris flower... long time no see haha. I really love those flowers but I don't like snails and they atreact snails...or they just do in my garden. They look very very pretty!

    About that birdcage.. why don't you try an ivy kind of plant :)

    About the bulbs.. I always leave whatever bulb I have in the ground stay there.. if they are done blooming I cut them off all the way to the ground and in next spring they'll bloom again :P not sure if thats the same with tulips but with everyother bulb in my garden I do that :)

    My garden looks very funky now.. I have bamboo sticks and neon colored drinking straw everywhere to not get confused.. I've planted over 300 seeds in my tiny garden... I was in a happy mood (not a clever mood) hahaha wonder what the neighbours might think hahah

    1. I have a lot of slugs but not snails. I hate all the damage they do! I am using a new kind of slug bait to kill them all now and it does work but it washes away in all our rain and has to be reapplied a lot.
      An ivy type plant is a really good idea! Then it could crawl up and hide the pole its hanging on, too! What a good idea!
      Good luck with your seeds! I just love watching everything grow. :)