Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Glossybox Mother's Day Limited Edition Review

The Mother's Day Limited Edition Glossybox has finally arrived!  Late, to be sure, but at last it is here!

The first thing I noticed is how glorious this box is.  It is heavier and larger than the normal Glossybox and the flowers are shiny while the background is matte.  It makes for an excellent effect.  I am so using this box in a place I will see it every day.

Since we were told what was going to be in this box, none of the items were a surprise.  I knew I was excited for the Caldrea because I love the scent of tea olive trees.  I have two in my yard and the fragrance is glorious.  Other than that, all these products were new to me so I was looking forward to this box.

Caldrea Body Lotion in Tea Olive Lime-  This smells as fantastic as I hoped it would.  While my trees smell better this does a great job and the lime really makes it delicious.  I'm always lazy when it comes to body lotion but this is already by my bed so I can't ignore it.
Value: $22

Skininc Brightening Serum- This serum was custom for Glossybox.  It's a blend of Vitamin A, Chlorella and Hyaluronic Acid.  This is specially created to tackle skin dullness and tiredness.  I had emailed this company to find out the ingredients of this serum but have heard no response.  Not impressed.  Chlorella is an algae, apparently, and is packed with vitamins.  It is unclear whether this can be absorbed by your skin as studies on it are still new.  Hyaluronic acid is my new best friend, hooray for a moisturizer that's proven to hold moisture in your skin AND is naturally made in your body.  Vitamin A appears to be in the form of Retinyl Palmitate which is the second "strongest" way to absorb it.  I'm guessing this also contains titanium dioxide as a sunscreen element because of the Vitamin A.

Here's a picture of the actual serum:

It actually has floaties!  I have no idea what the floaties are or what they do but they sure  make it look interesting!  I'm also liking the fact that sunlight cannot penetrate the bottle.  That will keep the ingredients (vitamin A, especially) from degrading.

I am totally using this every day.  I hope it works.  It feels delightful going on with zero oiliness.  It absorbs beautifully, as well.
Value: $130

Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Conditioner-  Until someone told me that the best way to use a dry conditioner was to spray it on the night before, go to bed and then wake up with ungreasy hair, I was at a loss with dry shampoo.  Genius.  No flakes, no greasy hair.  Happiness.  However, I have a HUGE supply now thanks to all my sub boxes.  Pureology is an excellent brand and this is a travel size so I may keep it around to take on trips.  Otherwise, swaps.
Value: $9

Redken Pillow Proof Blowdry Express Primer-  I will love ANYTHING that makes my blow dry time shorter!  Mainly because blowdrying isn't good for your hair.  This also will protect your hair while you curl/straighten it, too.  Redken used to have a shampoo Active Express and I miss it so much.  If I had known they were going to stop making it I would have bought it in bulk.  My hair would dry in minutes. Under ten.  With no blowdrying.  Whatever that ingredient was, I hope its in this.  That shampoo was amazing.
Value: $22

Modelco Fibre Lashxtend- Now that I'm not doing lash extensions (I'm getting sub boxes instead!) I'm all about new mascaras.  This one has a mirror on the back of the tube and I think that is the best invention ever!  No leaning over the sink for me.  Actually, also the perfect way to put it on anywhere, I guess.  This has fibers in it which stick to your lashes and make them look longer and thicker.  Hope it works!
Value: $24

BellePierre Lipstick in Envy-  I was a little disappointed that when I picked this lipstick up it came apart.  In three pieces.  Now I know how lipstick tubes are made...  The packaging is incredibly cheap feeling (crappy plastic) but the color of the lipstick is great.  My favorite color.  I would never pay the amount of money they say this is worth for it, though.  Ever.
Value: $20 (ever!)

VERDICT:  There were a few issues with this box.  One, they promised all full sizes and one was not (the Pureology spray).  Two, they promised these would arrive by Mother's Day and they did not.  With those two things aside, this is a well curated, incredibly valued box.  The products (excluding the Bellepierre lipstick) are quality and the variety is perfect.  If this had been a gift, it would have been a good one!  Well, except for being late.  I'm happy with this box and I'm also happy with the resolution Glossybox came to with me regarding the broken promises about the arrival date.  This box is a win for me.  I love it all (even the broken lipstick because the color is so me.)

I can't stop loving the products Glossybox puts in their boxes.  May's box is going to be UNREAL!  Absolutely over the top for value (I think it has passed the $200 mark).  If you want to get May's Glossybox, check out this post to see what will be in it.


  1. Haha, yay you FINALLY got your mother's day glossybox. XD That tea olive lime scent is amazing and I really want to buy all of the products Caldrea produces now! And omg, that serum. I love the colored things floating around inside of it. They remind me of hand sanitizers/soaps with those spheres that are super fun and dissolve when you rub your hands together. I'm really glad I didn't order this for my mom though, definitely wouldn't have made it to her on time since west coast never gets anything on time. >:(

    1. Haha, I was so glad when I realized that you had the body wash (not a lotion) in the Tea Olive scent. It means that they have a body wash that I can buy! I was so surprise when I pulled out the dropper on that serum. I was *not* expecting colored balls in it! It's just like those hand sanitizers, too. They just sort of moosh into non-existence.

  2. Birchbox carries both Caldrea products so I'm definitely going to have to splurge and get some... they also carry body cremes and rollerballs!

    1. Thank you for that information! I have been wondering what I should spend my points on. Thats exactly what I'm going to do!