Friday, May 2, 2014

Homegrown Collective Does it Again! April 2014 Review!

I got my Homegrown Collective GREENBOX for April yesterday!  I wish they sent tracking codes for their boxes but they do send it Priority Mail so it gets here pretty quick.

I forgot all about it until my mailman dropped it off (along with my Wantables order).

This is one of the THE BEST crafty boxes ever, EVER!  It's kinda funny how it makes me feel so empowered.  It's more like Little House on the Prairie, though.  If I get enough Homegrown Collective boxes,  I may end up feeling like I could have lived back then and survived!  Until that happens I will be glad I live in the 21st century with cars and airplanes.  When the zombies come, though, I'm gonna be ready with my Mason jar!

The Cost: $39.99 plus shipping

What You Get:  This is the part you can't quantify.  You will get everything you need to DIY something amazing.  Last month I made mozzerella cheese!  Before that I made Lip Balm and a sugar scrub for the shower.  Before that was DIY all-natural cold relief stuff!  This place is amazing!  I can't stress enough how fabulous not just the contents of the box are, and not just how tasty and wonderful what you end up producing is but also what a wonderful experience this box is!  Now I can say "Hey, remember when I made cheese for the first time?" or "I make the best lip balm."  I get a lot of boxes but I'm probably never going to say "Hey, remember that one time when we got an eyeliner?!" No.  I also know far more things that you can do with a Mason jar!
Bottom line?  This box is an experience every single time.  Worth every single penny.  I suggest doing as much of it as possible with your kids (it's a great learning experience) or calling up your girlfriends and doing it with them!

Mmm!  Fermentation!  Looks like those zombies are in for it now!  I'm gonna make Mustard and Ketchup!!
All by myself!  In a Mason jar!

They pack these boxes so well!  I've gotten glass in every one and nothing has ever broken!  I just love how they include EVERYTHING and lots of it!  I can make mustard for everyone!

This month comes with all you need to make your own ketchup and mustard.  Included in the box is: garlic x5 (a LOT), dried chipotle peppers for spicy ketchup, whey concentrate (I'm getting cheese flashbacks!), sea salt, apple cider vinegar, Roma Tomato Powder and Whole Mustard Seed!
And of course, a Mason jar!  With a fermenting apparatus.  I'm not sure what its called but its that plastic thing in the foreground.
Up close and personal with mustard seed and ketchup powder!

I'm making the mustard first!

I think its time for a little Ryan:

So, Homegrown Collective might not be as awesome as Ryan Gosling appearing at your doorstep (oh, the thought...!)  but it's pretty darn close!  Check them out at Homegrown Collective!

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