Saturday, May 31, 2014

Julep May 2014 Mystery Box Review (Memorial Day Sale Mystery Boxes)

So I caved and bought two of the ten Mystery Boxes that Julep offered for three days over Memorial Day Weekend.  I am not a Maven because I can't use that much polish but I do like to get new polishes every now and then.

The Memorial Day Mystery Boxes came in a variety of prices from $10-$40.  I chose Box #7 and Box #9.  Each box came with a hint.  One was Splatter and Smooth and the other was Sparkle and Shine.

Box #9 actually came in a bag.  The spoiler was that everyone would get Taylor and the hint was Splatter and Smooth.
Box #7 came in the best box EVER!  The spoiler was that everyone would get Roz.  The hint was Sparkle and Shine.

I shouldn't have been surprised to see nail buffers with part of the hint being "smooth".  But I was.  I actually was expecting one polish and one product and I was wrong.  Well, I was right, just not in the way I was expecting.

Max- Splatter!  Black and white Graffiti Top Coat.  I actually am pretty excited to use this and see how it works!

Taylor- Cool Mediterranean Blue.  A soft faintly purpley blue.  I like it!

Buffer Blocks- eh, boring.  Mostly because I got them as an add on on my last order!

This box was $10 with a value of $28 (retail prices, not Maven).

Box #7!  I am so in love with this box I can hardly stand it! It has a flip top and closes magnetically!  This is the small Julep Gift Box.  The hint for this box was Sparkle and Shine.

Missy- Titanium Metallic.  Not high on my list of wants but I actually have a silver one I unexpectedly love so this will make a nice addition.

Kamala- Orangey brownish shimmer. Not the official description but I can't find the real one anywhere

Roz- Cranberry Shimmer.  Very pretty, love it!  This was a spoiler so I knew it was in there.

Cuticle Sticks- Boring but necessary, I suppose.

This box was $25 and valued at $42..  Again, I was expecting product besides nail polish but I was wrong.  I'm a little bummed but this is a Mystery Box and at least it didn't have ridiculously hideous colors in it.

Only Missy and Max are still available for purchase.  I do suppose they have to get rid of their extra stock somehow but I wish it wasn't in Mystery Boxes.  If I love a polish I receive in a mystery box, there's no way to get another one!  And Julep polishes are only 8ml so it's going to disappear faster.

VERDICT: I'm happy with my new Julep polishes.  Yes, I was expecting some product in #7 but the polishes I got are summer appropriate!  That is key.  I was thinking I might trade one or two but after looking at them more closely, I think not.  I will keep them all and use them.

If you would like to sign up to become a Maven, click here.  You can get a Limited Edition Summer Brights Welcome Box when you sign up with the code HELLOYOU.  Or you can use the code FREEBOX and get your first box free!

Any tips on what to use my new Max black and white splatter graffiti with?!

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  1. Ooh that Taylor looks lovely! I used the Max over a Tiffany blue polish and it looked great. Even my bf shot me a compliment when he saw it (and he never compliments my haphazard nail art!)

    1. Okay, I'm going to do it over the "Pool Boy" blue that came in the May Popsugar box. That's the closest I have. Then I'm going to try it over some kind of pink. It's pretty fun just by itself, too. :D

  2. Oh, Max looks awesome, looks like something that can work over many polishes.

    1. I put it on plain, just to see what it actually looked like and it's amazing! I went out and got comments on it from two different women! One of them literally grabbed my hand and told me she loved it!