Saturday, May 24, 2014

Level Naturals Good Box May 2014 Review

Level Naturals has perfected the art of awesome soaps, shower bombs and candles.  They are a vegan, cruelty free company and use completely natural ingredients.  Everything is made right here in the USA!

You might not have known it but they have a monthly subscription service where they send you awesome soaps and goodies that you didn't know you couldn't live without!

The Cost:  The Good Box is $14.95, The Good(er) Box is $24.95 and The Good(est) Box is $49.95.

What You Get: Depends on the box!

The Good Box comes with: 1 6 Oz bar of incredible Level Naturals soap, 1 Box of shower bombs, 1 Travel candle and a surprise item.

The Good(er) Box comes with:  1 6 Oz bar of incredible Level soap, 1 Box of  shower bombs,
1 Travel soy candle, 1 4oz. Room & Body Mist, and one surprise item.

The Good(est) Box comes with: 1  6 Oz bar of incredible Level soap, 1 Box of shower bombs, 1 Travel soy candle, 1 4oz Room & Body Mist,  1 4oz 100% Organic Shea Butter, a 6 Pack of brilliant bath bombs and one surprise item.

Basically its all a lot of fantastic soapy goodness that you really shouldn't resist!  So I didn't.  I decided to get the Good Box!

I discovered Level Naturals in a subscription box.  I received a box of shower bombs.  I loved them!  So did my husband, so that meant the box disappeared double quick.  I saw on Twitter that they had boxes so I had to go check it out!

Here is what I received in my first box:

Level Naturals Shower Bombs!!- My favorite! Four shower bombs which smell like minty eucalyptusy wake up calls.  Love it! I put these on the shelf in my shower and then sprinkle water on them every minute or two so they don't disappear too fast.
Value: $7.99

Lavender Lip Balm- Vegan goodness.  This was the surprise item and sadly I cannot use it because I'm allergic to lavender.  I'm SO bummed!!  Why, allergies, why!?!
Value: $2.99?

Level Naturals Soap Bar in Tangerine Spearmint-  I think I just drooled writing that.  Tangerine Spearmint smells so good.  I want to jump in the shower right now.  Or eat it.  It is vegan and gluten free... :D  This is a HUGE bar, too.  It's 6oz.
Value: $5.99

Level Naturals Soy Candle in Forest- 100% soy and tiny and cute at 2oz.  The smell reminds me more of the shower bomb scent than anything piney.  It's a very refreshing scent!
Value: $4.99

VERDICT:  I love what I received from Level Naturals and the box breaks even for value including shipping so that's awesome!  You also get a 20% off your next purchase coupon with the box, too.  I'm probably going to have to take advantage of that.  I might get a Room and Body Mist so I can try one!  The quality is undeniable and I appreciate the fact that nothing is tested on animals and all their ingredients are natural.  I'm going to continue my subscription.  I love those shower bombs...  And maybe I'll get a different surprise next time that I can actually use.  I wonder if I can request no lavender.  I didn't really think of that when I ordered up the box.


  1. Does this box shipp international or only to usa? if not; can you get their products else where online because lavender lipbalm. never heard of it and I'm addicted to lavender and that soy candle looks promissing! (ps enjoy!!)

    1. We are probably going to have to do a cross country swap one of these days! I'll send you the lip balm :D

    2. haha that would be fun.. better start making a wishlist hahah kidding xD send each other a memebox ;)

    3. You already got all the Memeboxes, I don't think there's any left to send you!