Friday, May 16, 2014

Loot Crate Coupon Code for May 2014

ADVENTURE!Okay, I couldn't help it.  I signed up for Loot Crate using an irresistible coupon code.  Loot Crate is full of geeky, gamer goodness perfect for teenage boys or those of us who never left childhood.

When I saw a post over on boxesfordays there was no resisting the inevitable.  Especially when I saw that this months box will focus on Legend of Zelda!

This months theme is ADVENTURE!

The Cost: $13.37/monthly plus shipping.  If you see what they did there, this box is for you!

What You Get: Get a box full of fun and unexpected geek + gamer gear every month – valued at over $40.
Now for the coupon code!  There are a couple floating around but the best one is: CONTINUE which will give you $5 off your already cheap subscription.  I just got the box for $14.37 total.  If I decide to continue, it will be $19.37 a month.

I've never gotten a subscription box like this before but because I'm a gamer girl and my husband also is, it is guaranteed to please one of us!

According to Iris, this months box will be about Legend of Zelda, Minecraft and Adventure Time!  What's not to love! There will also be GUARANTEED a T-shirt!!  My husband loves gamer T-shirts so I got the T-shirt in his size when I ordered.

I want whatever is Legend of Zelda!  If its the T-shirt I might be sad giving it away to DH but he is the one paying for the subscription so it's the right thing to do!

Anyway, subscribe to Loot Crate!  If you use my referral code it will make me super happy and help me decide if I should continue getting and reviewing subscriptions like these!  You have THREE days to get the Legend of Zelda/Minecraft/Adventure Time crate with the guaranteed T-shirt!



    1. Seriously. It *was* all you! I never would have if I hadn't read your post. I clickied right then and there, before I even finished reading to the bottom! SOLD!

  2. :DDD

    PS: If you like Loot Crate, then you might like Nerd Block too! I find that Nerd Block is better, but definitely pricier, so I've never subscribed. However, Nerd Block ALWAYS guarantees a t-shirt with every single month's box, so it's a cool way to get more t-shirts. :)