Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Love With Food June 2014 Spoilers + Get Your First Box for $2!

Love With Food released their Sneak Peek video for June!  They spoiled three of the products but the other five will still be a surprise!

The theme this month is Baseball!

The Cost: $12/month or less if you sign up for longer.  Use  my referral code and get $10 off your first box!

What You Get: 8+ new snacks each month which are either organic or all-natural, GMO-free, gluten-free or free of artificial junk!  Also, each box donates 1 meal to hungry children in America.

Here is the ridiculous video, which I watched just so you wouldn't have to.  I feel bad but I can't help but cringe every time I see one of these.


So!  What's in the box?!

Snikiddy Baked Fries- Want some classic good ol’ french fries with half the fat? These potato and corn snacks are baked with bold flavors and full tilt taste!

Tree Hugger All Natural Bubblegum-Tree Hugger All Natural Bubble Gum- Assortment. No Artificial Colors. Gluten Free. Nut Free. Includes: Pomegranate, Classic Bubble Gum, Watermelon, Lemonade & Wildberry

Image of Snap Back 3oz Cookies (Box of 12) - Detox
The Cookie Department Snap Back Ginger Detox Cookie- Made with blackstrap molasses, ginger and cayenne pepper this cookie will snap your day right into shape.

Love with Food is hands down my absolute favorite food subscription.  I've tried a few but this one is the best.  The selection is amazing, there's a great variety, unique brands and you get at least EIGHT products in each box.  All that for only $12/month or less!  Yes, please.

Sign up here and use my referral code to get your first box for $2!  For $2, it's a fantastic way to try out good-for-you snacks!  If you sign up by May 30, you will receive the June box.  If for any reason that does not work, you can use LOVEDAD2014 and get $5 off.  It's not as good a deal but it's still worth it, trust me!

*referral codes were used in the making of this post :)


  1. LOL I should have stopped by your blog first... because I watched that cringe-worthy video and almost died of second hand embarrassment. XD I don't know if I want to sub for this month or not! I'll have to think about it...

    1. Second hand embarrassment is a perfect way to put it. I wanted to curl up and die!