Thursday, May 15, 2014

Love With Food May 2014 Review

Love With Food is my absolute favorite food box.  No other box I've gotten that deals with food, snacks or treats even comes close to the variety and awesomeness of this box.

The Cost: $12/month

What You Get: 8 or more new snacks that are either organic, natural, GMO free, gluten-free, free of artificial junk or a combination of them all :)

Let me say that for $12/month (or cheaper if you purchase a longer subscription) this is the cheapest and the best for variety, quality AND quantity.

You can get your first box for FREE (minus $2 in shipping, so I guess its not free, it's $2) by using my referral link.

J & M Key Lime Cookies-  As you can see, I opened the package and sampled these already.  The are SO good.  They basically melt in your mouth.  And taste like lime.  I love lime.  I love these cookies.  I had to put them away so I don't eat the whole bag.  There's a lot of cookies in there.  Ten or so.

The Spice Lab Hickory Smoked Sea Salt and Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt-  I've seen flavored salts while grocery shopping but I've never wanted to spend that kind of money for something I'm not sure I'll like or use.  These are perfectly sized packages of salt.  Definitely enough to flavor two nice sized steaks.  I'm using that hickory smoked one first! Yum!

Giddy Up and Go Granola- If you saw the spoilers, you knew we were getting this.  This is Seriously Seedy and its organic, gluten free, vegan and dairy free.  Pretty much everyone can eat it! I'm not really a fan of granola so we will see what DH thinks of this.

Terra Puglia Tarallino Snack in Olive Oil- These are also tasty!  They're a funny shape but they taste like saltine crackers.  I like saltines!  I think these are better for you.  I'm going to eat this whole bag without sharing.

One Potato Two Potato Sweet Potato Chips-  You'll probably be surprised when I say I didn't try these.  I don't particularly care for sweet potatoes but my husband LOVES them so this is for him.  Especially since I'm eating the Tarallinos all by myself.

Flavrz Tropical Peach-  This is a liquid drink mix that you add to 20oz of water.  If I wasn't using my brand new infuser bottle that I got in my Popsugar box I would have tried this already.  I like this kind of thing so I'm excited to try it.

Revolution Teas Southern Derby Sample Pack-  That means three tea bags!  I always love to see tea in ANY of my boxes because I love tea and I love trying new ones.  While this brand is not new to me, these tea flavors are!  Honeybush Caramel Herbal Tea, Tropical Green Mint, and Southern Mint Tea.  Mint tea is one of my all time favorites so I'm definitely drinking these.

le Caramel Salted Caramels-  You might not have noticed these but they are the individually wrapped squares underneath the tea box.  le Caramel has been making its rounds in subscription boxes and their chocolate caramels are delicious.  I'm not a fan of salted caramels, though. I think I'm a minority on this since they are so popular these days.

VERDICT: I love my Love with Food boxes!  They are packed with product, fun brands, new things to try and they're a great price for what you get.  They also send coupons for most of the items in the boxes, too, so if you want to buy something you can get 20% off or suchlike.

If you want to try Love With Food, use my referral link to get your first box for $2 (the price of shipping).  This will sign you up for a month to month subscription which you can cancel at any time from your Account page.  No calling, no emailing, just click and done.  Personally, I don't think you'll want to cancel.  I fully intended to until I got my first box and then I loved it so much I just couldn't do it.  It's too much fun and for $12 its totally doable.

If I find a deal for Love With Food via Groupon, Living Social or some site like that I will always be sure to post it.  Just subscribe to my blog via bloglovin' or other form and you will receive the latest updates!


  1. When I saw the spoiler, I was only really excited for the lime cookies, but I'm so happy that I subscribed for this month! My box is coming tomorrow and I think I'm going to really like everything except the water flavorer. XD I always find those to be too artificial for me, but I'll still try them!

    But I'm glad you got your box before mine so I can preview everything through your blog/photos. :D

    1. The water flavorer is organic, maybe that will mean it tastes better? I haven't tried it yet because I'm hooked on fresh fruit in my new infuser bottle. I made sure to get fat, squatty lemons so they would fit in the bottom after you mentioned that. Today I'm doing strawberries and lemon mooshed together. I should go do that right now :D

  2. You sold me on the Love with Food subscription, I just subscribed so hope next month will be awesome too!

    1. I love it so much! I was totally going to get my free box and then cancel but I just couldn't. It's one of the cheapest food subs out there and I like it better than the sweets subs, too (like Orangeglad and Treatsie-- I'd rather have my Love With Food!). I hope next month is super good, too, so that you won't regret it!