Sunday, May 4, 2014

Memebox Availability and Luckybox #5 Second Spoiler!

I decided I had enough time to go through and figure out which Memeboxes were still available for purchase.

Memebox:  There are actually no Global Memeboxes available right now.  Hopefully #14 will go up for sale soon as a single.  It was previously available as part of a bundle.  I'm kicking myself right now because I *could* have gotten #13 but I waffled a little too much over it.

Superbox #2 is the Make Up Box.  It has been spoiled and you can find the contents on Memeboxes website.  They are: Makeon Super Long Mermaid Gel Eyeliner Pack, Makeon Chok hok Shining CC Cushion, Oseque Showking My Eyes Mascara and Cheek Room Dual Lip Gloss.  The cost is $39 plus shipping
The Hair Superbox by Memebox is #16.  Hair is a recently released box and is $29 plus shipping.  This box will contain full size products for dry, frizzy hair.  It ships on June 13th.
Green Tea is Superbox #15.  It's description is rather cryptic and this box could include just about anything with green tea.  From make up products to body care and definitely skin care since it does say you will find the secret to healthy skin in this box.  The cost is $39 and it ships May 29th.
Superbox #14 is the Night Care box!  Create your own spa and get a good nights sleep with this box.  Wake with your skin rejuvenated and glowing!  Who could resist that?  This box promised to have full size easy-to-use products that will regenerate and replenish your skin during a nights sleep.  The cost is $39 and it will ship on May 29th.
This box is the other one that has me opening and closing my shopping cart.  The Pore Care Superbox is #14 and the cost is $39.  It will ship May 29th.  Inside you will find full size products dedicated to pores.  From minimizing pores to getting rid of blackheads this box will have you deep cleaning your pores and tightening them as well.  I don't have large pores but I sure love the Biore strips. :)

Special Editions:

Memebox from Nature!  This ships May 13th and you will get 3 Memepoints when you purchase.  This box also has two spoilers!  The first is 100% Pure Propolis Extract Ampoule and the second is Lanoa Natural Soap in Sulfur.  Hopefully it doesn't actually smell like sulfur because that would not be good.  Propolis is from bees and is supposed to relieve dry skin.  It is the substance in hives that keeps everything hygienic.  Although honey is also a natural antiseptic, propolis is not honey.  Apparently you only need to add one drop to your daily amount of moisturizer to get the benefits.  
Memebox for Him #2.  This box has had two spoilers released already.  They are: Niobe's Pour Homme Return Age Aftershave and MC's Whitening Essence Mask.  I'm not a man so I'm totally not interested in this and I think DH would laugh his head off if I gave him one of these and told him to use them.  He's perfectly happy with his regular routine.  I'd be curious to know how many men actually purchase this (vs their significant other/mother/sister buying it for him).  Anyway, its $29 and ships immediately.
The 10 Minute Memebox!  The cost is $23 and will have 4-8 full and deluxe size items to help you get ready for your hot date in ten minutes!  Packed with "make love happen" items... I'm not sure what that means but I'm guessing lipstick, perfume, mascara, face powder and some kind of teeth whitener thing.  This ships out on May 26th.

Luckybox #5 is the only Luckybox still available (for now).  Instead of restocking old ones, they're just making new ones.  Luckybox #5 will have products only from Luckyboxes #1-#4 with one exception.  One item will be from a past Memebox but has not yet been in a Luckybox.
Those of you who have many Memeboxes will likely not need this unless you want dupes.  In it will be Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream and (the second spoiler) LJH's Tea Tree Essence 90.  This box ships on May 16th and is $23 plus shipping.

Now you do have two other options.  If you really want the Memebox for Him #2, you can buy a bundle with the Missha Memebox and For Him #2 OR the TonyMoly Memebox and the For Him #2.  In my opinion, the branded Memeboxes have not been worth it since they have been filled with discontinued product.  However, this does not mean that the Missha and TonyMoly one will.  We won't know till they start arriving :)

There you have it!  If you want a Memebox, these are your current options!  That 10 Minute one is probably awesome, imo.  :)

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