Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Memebox BLUE Colorbox Spoiler!

Colorbox #3 BLUE
Memebox released a spoiler vid for the Blue Colorbox! This actually was the box I was the most curious about.  This will contain three to four deluxe sample and full size items.

 The Cost: $15

 Ships: June 25th

Don't forget you should have 5 free Memepoints if you haven't spent them already!!
And MEMEBUNDLE3 will get you $5 off three boxes.

Here's the Spoiler:

So, definitely blue eyeshadow and blue nail polish!

I personally love blue nail polish!  I don't love blue eyeshadow so this isn't the box for me. There's also at least two more items that are still a surprise!

I say that to convince myself because I already got the Grapefruit box (which is already sold out until they restock it) and I really want the Summer box!

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