Monday, May 5, 2014

Memebox Free From OIl and Troubles Spoiler!

Memebox Free From Oil & Troubles Memebox' Free from Oil and Troubles is a Special Edition box completely dedicated to oily and acne prone skin.

The cost was $23 and it is now sold out.  There is/was also a Free From Oil and Troubles Superbox as well.  It's also currently sold out but you never know when they might restock it.  I'm guessing that the Superbox will contain fewer items but more full sizes than this current Free From Oil and Troubles Memebox.

Here is what you will receive in your Free From Oil and Troubles box!

Dr. Young AC Control U-line Clearing Mist- A face mist dedicated to sebum control and pore diminishing effects.

Ciracle Red Spot Cream-30g (full size)- This is a cream dedicated to healing old (and new) acne scars.

Cosrx Original Pure All Cleansing Bar-120g (full size)- With a high concentration of Vitamin C and herbal extracts known for their healing and detoxifying effects, this all-natural bar foams nicely and will get rid of blackheads.

LJH Cellabell M.C. Recovery Balm- 5ml (sample) A BB cream with SPF 28+ for sensitive skin.

LJH 5a Control Cleansing Gel-15ml (deluxe sample) Oleanolic acid helps balance your skin, sealing in moisture without shininess.

Verikos Redpoint-X TeaTree Modeling Pack with Spatula- 25g (deluxe sample) Cleans, soothes and nourishes your skin with essential herbal extracts.

I couldn't find any English info on the Cosrx soap and the Verikos Modeling Pack, sadly.  But there you have it!  This does look like a very interesting box, especially for those who are concerned about excess oil.  I don't know how a face mist can help with that but the other items look pretty stellar!

Did you get this box?  Have you tried any of these products?

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