Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Memebox goes Gangnam Style?? Superbox #17


"Is there anyone who has never heard of Psy? Or Gangnam Style? Of course not.

Located in the southern side of the Han River, Gangnam is a highly metropolitan district, now most popular from Psy’s song, Gangnam Style. 

Originally, however, it is widely known for its cosmetic surgeries and baby-faced Gangnam girls with their big, round eyes, v-line chins, straight-lined eyebrows, and glowing skin.

As a tribute to these classic Gangnam pin-up girls, Memebox is launching the Gangnam Style Box to share with you the ultimate secret to baby-face beauty!"

The Cost: $32

What You Get: 4-8 full size products from Korea's favorite brands.  I'm making a wild guess at eyeliner, something for your brows, a skin brightening product and...  No clue.  Although if they're including fashion items like it appears in the image, *that* would be amazing!

Ships out June 13th

I honestly have no idea what could be in this box. Well, yes, I've heard of Psy and Gangnam style and the ridiculous dance but I did not know the rest.

Gangnam girls? Is there a style of make up that is particular to them?

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