Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Memebox Green Tea Spoiler And Nature Box Spoiler Video!

Cleansing Oil - Green Tea
Superbox #15

The Green Tea Superbox has been on my wishlist ever since I saw the first spoiler.  I really want to try that cleansing oil by Re:cipe!

**This is an update because I can't read properly**

They also released a Spoiler YouTube for the Nature Box!

From what I can tell there is one jar and one Lanoa soap and a bottle of some kind in the first pass over. The bottle is the 100% Pure Propolis Extract.

The next pass over looks like four tubes.  Nothing looks familiar but I might try and hunt them down :)

So it looks like the Nature Box will have 7 products in it which is great!  I always prefer more over less in these boxes, even if it means deluxe samples.  It's the best way to find out the things I like or don't like.  Getting things in a Memebox seems the best way to find out unique korean beauty products so the more the merrier!

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