Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memebox Mini #2 Review + Coupon Codes

My Memebox Mini #2 arrived along with my Memebox Mini #1 today!  Memebox is a company that curates boxes full of Korean beauty products and sends them to your door.  It is not a subscription service so you must choose your boxes and then wait for them to arrive.

The Cost: $15/box.  Use MEMEBUNDLE3 to get $5 off 3 Memeboxes.  Use  FLQO5H to get $3 off one order.

What You Get: 5-6 deluxe size and foil samples, curated by Memebox to give you the best and widest array of quality Korean beauty and skincare products.
Every Memebox arrives with an information card except the Naked Boxes.  Information cards are very nice to have because they tell you how to use the product that you've received.  I can't read Korean so I'm really happy these are included.  I hope they'll start adding them to the Naked Boxes, too.

This Mini was completely different that my first Mini box.  While Mini #1 had more skincare in it, this box was a little more adventurous.  I'm pretty excited about several of these things.
Kokostar Nail Therapy- This is a set of masks for your nails!  Ten finger covers filled Vitamin C, E and ceramide to provide shine, milk protein and collagen to protect nail roots and shea butter for moisturizing.

Blacklees Nail Stickers-3 kinds-  These are super cute but I'm a little too old for them.  Maybe.  I might have to keep the cat ones but the bears and flowers will go to my niece.  She will love them!

Also included was a Memebox coupon.  I have never seen anything like this included in a box before. Its for 15% off Kocostar Nail Therapy products.
Goodal Repair Plus Essential Oil-15ml-Enriched with fermented sunflower oil, jojoba oil, green tea seed oil, argan oil, olive oil, macadamia oil, and camellia oil, this essential oil will deliver intense hydration and nourishment.  It will help maintain the skin's moisture balance for a softer, healthier complexion.  That's a lot of oils!

Caolion Mool Pool Deep Cleansing-75ml- Oil free deep cleanser removes make up by "melting"the make up off your face.  It has a special "spider web" formula.  Apply to dry face and massage in rolling motions.  When you feel the "spider web" formula melting the make up off, rinse with lukewarm water.  I'm not sure I understand that.  It's also funny that this description is different than the description I received with my Memebox #10 (it also had this cleanser in it).

Tonymoly Delight Lip Tint #2 Red- A lip tint that can also be used as a blusher. I like this tint, actually.  It is a gorgeous red (not orange!).  I've never tried it as blush, though.

VERDICT:  I'm already using my nail masks!  It's kind of hard to type...  The nail art is a fun addition and will make my niece happy.  Sadly the Mool Pool and the Tonymoly tint are duplicates for me.  While this box might not be as useful as Mini #1, it is still fun.  I do wish that Memebox could find a way to limit the repeats or at least warn us that they may be in there.

If you think you might want to get a Memebox, check out! The Mini's are currently sold out but I highly recommend getting their Memebox #11. It's a great value and the best introduction you'll get. Plus it ships immediately!

See the current boxes available right here.

Check my Memebox Deals page for all the latest coupons and news.

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  1. Wow! The Minis look like a great value. That Mool Pool cleanser looks interesting. Maybe it's just the fun wording they used? In any case, I think I'm gonna head over to the site and maybe pick something out. The other half laughs at me because I used to tease him about his crazy online purchases and now look at me. Thanks for feeding my addiction!

    1. They do have some interesting names, I agree. I'm pretty happy with the Mini's. They were better than I was expecting! Getting boxes is so addicting, right?! I always manage to find a way to justify it...