Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Memebox Mini #3 is Available Now!

Memebox released Memebox Mini #3 today!

The Cost: $15 including shipping!!  This is the best way to get a Memebox, in my opinion.  Free Shipping!

What You Get: 3-6 beauty products in deluxe size samples or pouches.

This is the perfect box for those of you reluctant to jump on the full size Memebox wagon.  You will get a nice selection of samples to see if you really want to get into Korean beauty products.

This box will ship on June 13th!  The first two Memebox Minis sold out in less than three days so if you want one, you better make your decision!

I'm basically considering this a Korean version of Birchbox.  If when it arrives, its way better than a Birchbox, I will be pleasantly surprised.  I like to be  positive about these kinds of things.  Better to expect less and get way more, than expect too much and get less than you'd imagined, right? :)
**Update:  I did receive a reply to my question about pouches.  Yes, they are the same thing as a foil packet and they don't know how many they will be including but that we will receive enough to be able to test the product completely.  Sometimes its hard to decipher what is actually meant in the responses because the english can be so... unusual.  It seems like there will be more deluxe samples than foils but the foils will be of higher end product.  I think that's what she meant.**

The original Mini's don't ship til May 24th.  I'm wondering if I'll get expedited shipping because I'll be getting two boxes.  I've heard if they ship more than one box to you that it can happen.  My first Luckybox took 24 days to get to me!

Also, Naked Boxes #13, #14 and #15 are still available (#12 sold out already) for $23 plus shipping right now.


  1. Are you gonna buy minibox 3#?? :) I think I am, plus a naked box or something :P
    You also get free gifts when you spend an amount of money but I wonder if it only on the "weekly sale items" Do you know? (I already asked on their facebook...but for me it's almost midnight and I do want that minibox 3# before it's sold out ;))

    1. I think I'm going to skip #2 since I'm already getting #1 and #2. I also was wondering about the free gift. There was no indication of a free gift (and I didn't see a code anywhere) when I checked out last time and I had more than enough for one. I'm guess that you are right and its probably only on their weekly sale items. They've done that before, too. Well, you only get free shipping on $70 if you spend it in the Memeshop and memeboxes didn't count, I tried it. :(

    2. Well then I'm not gonna try to get that free gift ;) Just gonna go with the Naked 14# naked 15# and minibox #3 (addicted)

    3. Oops, I meant #3 up there. I got #14 too! I thought about #15 but I already have the Nuganic Pore Care essence and that is going to last FOREVER! I figure that Pore Deep Cleaning one will be in the Pore Care box, too. I can't *wait* to try the Slowganic cleansers! They ship in 3 days!

    4. I love that Nuganic pore thing.. use it everyday and yes it will get empty someday, I love it :) also curious about that #14 bb cream and ampoule :D Didn't buy that pore care box.. to scared of superboxes hahaha I heard of so many ppl that those slowganic cleaners feel funny and are really nice :P in a few days those naked boxes will be send out.. yaay!! "Feel like a little kid.. gonna go to sleep because then tomorrow is almost here and that scloser to the shipping date" :P haha