Friday, May 16, 2014

Memebox Office Essentials First Official Spoiler!

Memebox Office Essentials
The Office Essentials box was first created for Memeboxes Korean subscribers last year.  Now they are rolling it out again for the rest of us with a few changes.

If you want to see what was in the Korean box, you can read this spoiler post.

The Cost: $23

Ships: June 20

Instead of the Mojito mist, this time around they are putting Secret Key Starting Treatment Aura Mist in the box!

I was reading about this product and I discovered it has Galactomyces Ferment in it!  Galactomyces was the product I accidentally ordered from Memebox when I meant to get the Hyaluronic Acid.  Since I couldn't really send it back to Korea, I was stuck with it.

In any case, I looked it up and it is packed with amino acids, vitamins and is super good for sensitive skin.  It's a naturally occurring yeast extract.
It's got a lot of protein in it, too, which they say is really good for your skin.

This is a really nice product.  It's also got Sodium Hyaluronate in it which is the deepest penetrating form of hyaluronic acid.  Which is one of the best moisturizers ever!  It is made naturally in our body but as we age our body makes less of it.  The good thing is that this can be absorbed by our skin!  Hyaluronic acid helps keeps the moisture in your skin which is always good!

The only negative I see is that it has alcohol in it.  Otherwise its free of parabens, mineral oil, artificial coloring and a couple other things.

I would totally use this if it showed up in a Memebox of mine!  Now that I have 5 Memepoints I'm having a really hard time deciding between this one and the Summer Superbox!  What do I do!?

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  1. I love that brand! no idea if I would love this product, dying to find out :)
    I really don't know those engredients you name but those 5 free thingys is awesome and about the alcohol.. just need a good moisturizer :D