Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Memebox Office Essentials (Office Lady) Spoilers!

Memebox Office Essentials

I have to admit that when I saw this box it was really hard not to just buy it!  It's the same way I feel about the 10 Minute Box.  They basically tell you nothing at all in the description of the box so you're left to guess at what amazing thing you want to find in it.

I'm not an office lady (though I have been at certain points of my life) but I love this idea!

Now we have an excellent spoiler brought to my attention by Emily.  This is a REALLY GOOD spoiler.  In fact, its more of a reveal than a spoiler but the thing that *might* make it more spoiler is that it could possibly be the Korean version.

This spoiler video was posted in October of 2013.  It's called the Office Lady box (not Office Essentials).  However, when they very first put up the Office box, it was actually labeled Office Lady.  Within several hours, it was pulled.  When it came back up on the Memebox site it was now labeled as it is currently.  Office Essentials.

Here are some snippets from the description (italics are mine):

"Whether you had a crazy morning and need to finish getting ready for work or you simply need to freshen up in-between, there are handy beauty items every working woman absolutely needs to keep at the office!
Place our Office Essentials Box in your drawer, and you’ll be prepared for any possible occasions and feminine emergencies at work."

Now for the video:

Did you giggle at any point? Because I did.  More than once :D

First up are the Re:cipe by Nature Slowganic Cleansers.  I can't wait to try mine when they arrive in my Naked Box #14 (which ships May 24th).

Next is Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo.  I do not think this will be in our box because it is not Korean.

Some kind of deodorant "refresh sheets".  I would expect to see these although it could be any brand.

Ray Pearls Fabric Refresher-  This is a korean product and I would love to see it in the box.

TEA!! GIVE ME ALL THE TEAS!  I love tea.  Any kind of tea except not that lapsang souchong. (I don't like the smoky kind that taste like dirt). When I go to other countries, what do I come back with? Tea.  Every new kind of tea somehow finds it's way to me.

Maxi pads!  I'm sure we all have our preferences but if this Office box doesn't have Korean versions in it, I will be so disappointed!

Mojito Cooling Mist-  Another Korean product.  Personally I hope they would include something like this but maybe not the exact same thing.

Verysix 6 second Kissing Lip Gloss-  Hmm... Intended for work, huh? :D  Of course, lip gloss is an office essential!

Dentiste Mouthwash- you can buy this at korean online stores but I'm not sure of its origins.

Hand sanitizer- definitely office friendly :D

Mool Pool Oil-Free Toner/Essence-  Sounds good to me!

So I think this video gives us a really good idea of the things you can expect to see in this Office Essentials Memebox.  It most likely will not be identical to this but this is a very good overview of what they consider necessary things.

This box is AVAILABLE!!  The Cost: $23 and ships on June 20th!

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