Monday, May 26, 2014

Memebox Restocks #5 and #8 and #3!!

Update 5/26 @10:10pst- it looks like Memebox#8 is already sold out but they've ADDED #5-2!

Update 5/26 @10:37pst- Memebox #5 is sold out.

Update 5/26 @10:58pst- Memebox Global #3 is sold out.

Update 5/26 @9:10pm- Superboxes #3 and #4 sold out.  Only Global 5-2 is left.

Memebox has restocked Global #8 and Global #5!!

And Global Memebox #3!

And Global Memebox #5-2!

These boxes are all $23 plus shipping!

And Superbox #3 The Hydration Box and Superbox #4 Etude House, too!  The Hydration box is $45.99 and the Etude House is $39.

Memebox Global #5

Read Marjolein's review to find out what is in Memebox 5! Expect the CNP Cleansing Perfecta and Nuganic Pore Control Essense!

The Cost: $23

Memebox Global #5-2
Memebox Global #3

Global Memebox #5-2 is nearly the same as #5 with only two changes (instead of Sella soap and Espoir lipgloss, 5-2 has a Panier des Sens liquid soap and L'Oreal Gloss Tint)

The Cost: $23

Global Box #3  $23 plus shipping.  I'm guessing they won't be sending this express or free even though it says it on the icon.  Expect the Bounce Cheese Cream and Dr. Jart Eye Cream!

The Cost: $23

Superbox #3

Read here to find out what is in Superbox #3!  It's got fantastic products!  Including the LJH VitaCare Propolis Ampoule!  I love it! Used it last night and my skin is silky soft :)

The Cost: $45.99

If you are interested in the Naked Boxes, there are only two left.

Get over there quick before they sell out again!!  I think this might have been my most frantic post ever! Haha!

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  1. I just bought #5 again!! :D I'm in love with the first 4 products on the box card!! never can have enough!!

    thank you <3

    1. o wait.. thank you for mentioning me!! (totally didn't see that xD)

    2. You just got TWO of those!! LOL! Now you'll have three!

    3. YES! :D I'm a bit of an addict... making a picture for a blogpost here that I think makes if very official! xD

    4. I've heard so many good things about the CNP Cleansing Perfecta! Everyone loves it! And you had the most perfect timing with your post EVER!

    5. I must be psychic xD sadly I bought the 5 and not the 5-2 (like the liptint better! and already have 2 of the lipglosses from 5 xD