Friday, May 23, 2014

Memebox Restocks Make Up Edition Memebox!

Memebox restocked a few boxes during the night but the only one still available this morning (or at least at the time I'm writing this post) is the Make Up Edition!  Since they did restock the Mini's (sold out now) maybe they will do it again so be sure to watch if that's what you have been looking for.

This is a Special Edition Memebox devoted to make up!

Memebox Make Up Edition
This box is dedicated to all our make-up aficionados -
nothing but make-up on make-up on make-up!

In creating this make-up-only box, we’ve taken special care to include both innovative and trend-leading items, as well as trusted classics.

With Memebox Make-Up Edition, we’re taking beauty to a whole new level.

The Cost: $23
Ships May 24th

I prefer skincare but I know there is a LOT of adorable make up out there and it is well-loved!

If you want an idea of what *might* be in this box you can look at their Make Up Superbox.  If you scroll down it will show you everything that was in the box.  The difference is that it's a Superbox while this restocked box is a Special Edition Memebox.  Superboxes tend to have full size items and NO sample sizes whereas Memeboxes have full size and deluxe size samples.

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    1. It's been sold out for ages so it's fun to see it available again!