Monday, May 12, 2014

Memebox Superbox #15 Spoiler

Memebox has released a spoiler for the Green Tea Superbox!

I think it's a great spoiler and I've even contemplated buying this particular item by itself off their website.

I'm really thinking this Green Tea box is going to be fantastic.

Sadly, it is sold out.

The cost was $39 plus shipping, although this might have been one of the boxes that was released for $29 for a few days.

The spoiler for this box is the Re:cipe by Nature Green Tea Cleansing Oil!!  This organic cleansing oil is literally packed with real organic green tea leaf extracts and green tea oil which gently yet thoroughly removes makeup from the face as it soothes, moisturizes, and purifies the skin!

I think this is a great spoiler.  I'm wondering what else will be in there!

On a total side note, Memebox #10 ship tomorrow!


  1. That box would've been amazing but now I'll just buy that cleansing oil with these awesome discounts they have now on the memeshop :) I'll also buy the rose one :D (I want to buy everything from that brand! :) love it so much :D

    1. They restocked it!! I really like the brand, too! I wanted the Slowganic cleansers so much that I bought that Naked Box with them in it.

    2. yeah! sadly they don't have all 3 in fullsize.. maybe it will happen in the future.. for now we just be happy with the tiny samples :D