Friday, May 23, 2014

More Garden Pictures Late May 2014

It's Friday and I just can't resist posting about my garden.  I'm by no means a pro at either gardening or taking photos but I love taking pictures of what's blooming in my yard every week.

Some of these flowers I've never seen before which makes it even more exciting!

Oxalis Adenophylla AKA Pink Buttercup

These are so beautiful and delicate.  I absolutely love them.  So do the bunnies so I'm happy I got a picture before they got eaten!
My first peony to bloom this year!  It's white but I just love the innards!  

Bearded Siberian Iris "City Lights"
I am loving these Irises.  I purchased these online the year before last.  They didn't bloom last year but this year they are glorious!  I also realized that this isn't the Iris I ordered either.  I contacted them and they are going to send me the correct Iris in September.

A close up of the gloriousness!  These really are SO beautiful.  I kind of just want to sit and look at them.
Duetzia x Kalmiaflora AKA Mountain Laurel Duetzia
This is a really sprawling plant.  It's branches just sort of wing everywhere!  But it is covered in delicate pink and white striped flowers.  Also in the photo are random Hostas.

 Caradonna Sage might have the best and brightest purple of any sage!  I love it. I like the combination of the purple of the sage with the greenish blue and yellow of the Glacier Blue Euphorbia on the right.  In the top right corner are Mediterranean Bells.  They are a form of Allium and the bees LOVE them.

 I love sedum because they are basically indestructible and make fantastic ground covers.  My goal with this part of the garden is to be unable to see the ground.  The bluish, spiky plant in the middle is Bog Rosemary.  This part of my Inner Garden is a complete swamp in the winter.  The drainage is terrible.  So I have sedum, curly grass, bog rosemary, monarda, summersweet and euphorbia here.  I also planted a hardy hibiscus (behind the pot, its still small so you cant see it) and it lived through this winter so I have high hopes for it!) with pink flowers.

A small hosta called Tiny Tears or something like that.  I had to take a picture because last year it really was tiny.  It had maybe five leaves.  This year it's doing much better!

I lost a lot of plants over the winter.  Part of it was choosing plants on the cusp of my zone (7) and part was that it was unusually cold for a long period of time.  Now I know and I won't plant those again.  I've had an obsession with Hakonechloa macra grass lately.  While some kinds (aureole) do fine, I've lost five Fubuki grasses.  I thought I killed the first two by putting them in too soggy of an area but it looks like they just don't like it anywhere in my yard.  It's such an amazing white grass with pink stripes, though! I had to try.

My second Peony!!  I just went out there and while yesterday there was nothing, it rained in the night and Poof!  This appeared!  These peonies were a gift from a gardening friend so I have no idea what kind they are but they definitely pack a punch!

These are my front yard peonies.  I got the biggest one from my MIL and the rest at Costco.  I have no idea what color or type they are but it looks like there might be a red one!  Also in the picture is a Pieris japonica "Little Heath" which I've always called a Flame of the Forest and others call Forest Flame.  This is a dwarf version.  The bright yellow is a Golden Mexican Orange.  I love that color so much.  In the foreground are the spiky leaves of a "San Ignacio" Daylily which is a fantastic pink.

I love daylilies and as soon as mine start blooming I will be posting pictures.  Posting pictures helps because I can remember which name goes with which daylily if I lose the label sticks or can't remember.  I think I have about thirty different kinds of daylilies.  I might be a plant hoarder...


  1. I love the leaves on the Pink Buttercup. the flowers are lovely but those grean leaves!! <3 Also I love that little pot/cauldron, you should definitelly put a annual flowery plant in there :D
    I planted a sage 2 years ago and It was lovely.. next year it was gone:O How you do take care of your sage? do you trim him after the flowers are dead or ?

    And about your Forest Flame do you trim him or just leave him be?
    Mine recently bloom like a maniac and afterthat I only cut out the flowers because I was afraid to damage the plant more (because it is such delicate plant I've heard

    You should be proud, you have a wonderful garden! :)

    1. I don't think I trimmed it... I trimmed a different plant last year and this year it didn't have any flowers! Whoops, I obviously did it at the wrong time. So I haven't been cutting back anything this year. Except the hydrangeas.

      The Pink Buttercup leaves are wonderful! They make a perfect bluish-green mound. You can't really tell from the way I took the picture. It's from a bulb, too! A big hairy one. So it's not going to spread like the weed called a buttercup.

      Thank you for the compliments on my garden! I do love it and love being out in it, too. It's a wonderful hobby to have. :D