Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My First Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review

I got my first Honest Company Essentials Bundle box today!  I didn't even realize it was supposed to show up.   This is something I wasn't planning on continuing but once I looked at the products, I just had to get some of them.

The Honest Company is all about safe, natural products that are eco-friendly and as non-toxic and healthy as possible.  Not only do they make sure their products contain no parabens, sulfates, petroleum, GMO's and dyes but they also use biodegradable packaging that's good for the planet.

The ingredients used in their products are organic or natural as often as possible and choose to never use questionable ingredients.  All this and they still have a reasonable price tag.  I expect to pay more for quality, organic, natural products but these prices are much lower than I was expecting.  Hence the reason I'm still ordering. :)

An Essentials Bundle is basically 5 items of your choice from a very long list, including hand soap, sunscreen, bug spray, laundry and dish detergents and many more.  The charge for these five items is $34.95.  You can add up to three extra items for 25% off.  If you buy $50 worth of product, you don't pay the $5.95 shipping.  There are probably fifty things you can choose from and I did end up adding on three items because I wanted them and because it got me free shipping.

There are two other Bundles, Diapers and Health and Wellness but since I didn't get any of those items, I don't know much about them.

Hand Sanitizer Gel- 8oz-This has aloe and vitamin E in it.  It smells heavenly and goes on a little slimy because of the aloe.  It soaks in nicely, though.
Retail Price-$6.95

Honest Dish Towels- 2 pack- Organic Cotton, made in California.  Super cute and already hung up in my kitchen (the towels have loops on them so they hang).  My kitchen is blue so they fit right in.
Retail Value:$7.95

Honest Hand Soap in Lemongrass-12oz- Lemongrass oil and Grapefruit Seed extract to cleanse and soften hands. No chemicals, non-toxic. Baby safe. My favorite scent in the universe, there's no way I couldn't love this stuff!
Retail Value: $4.95

Honest Foaming Hand Soap in Mandarin-8.5oz- Rich in vitamin C and natural emollients known to leave skin soft and hydrated.  Instant lather rich in botanical extracts.  This smells so good.  I love it.  Foaming hand soap is my favorite!
Retail Value: $6.95

I might be getting old when cleaning supplies can make me this happy.  These are excellent products with great ingredients.  While I might not be into the whole organic/natural movement, I can absolutely appreciate quality products when I see them.

Honest Sunscreen SPF 30-3oz-Natural, unscented, broad-spectrum (UVA & UVB) 30 SPF mineral sunscreen.  Easy to apply, non-greasy, non-whitening (non-nano!) zinc oxide sunscreen provides safe, effective sun protection.  I got two of these because right before it was time for my first Bundle to ship, they offered me a free item.  I picked another sunscreen because its summer!
Retail Value: $13.95

Honest Bug Spray-4oz- Deters mosquitos and flies for up to 4 hours.  If this stuff actually works, I will buy it by the bucket load.  I'm allergic to mosquitos and I'm out in my garden ALL the time.  I hate those little no see 'ems, too.  This is DEET-free, absolutely no harsh, synthetic, or petroleum-based ingredients!  It smells like Rosemary, Citronella, and Wintergreen organic essentials oils-basically it smells really good!
Retail Value: $12.95

Honest Healing Balm-3oz-  So if you saw my last review, you might have noticed how much I said I didn't like this because it smelled awful.  Yet here it is in my Bundle.  Yes, I put it there.  This stuff is AMAZING on little doggie paws!  Bugsy ripped up his paw pads somehow and I put this stuff on them to keep him from licking and to help them heal.  It WORKED!  Therefore, I am hooked and I want to have this everywhere for my dogs.
Dexter is half hairless but not on purpose.  Hairless terriers come from rat terriers with a wonky gene.  Dexter is a rat terrier but somehow he has very little hair on his undersides.  So when he scratches, he can scrape himself. I've been putting this stuff on it to help him heal up and it's been working fantastically.  Maybe I'm ridiculous for caring about my dogs so much but I think it's because I don't have any kids :D.
Retail Value: $12.95

Honest Company Organic Lip Balm Trio-3pack-  This stuff is apparently amazing.  It's won a whole bunch of awards.  Lavender Mint soothes and refreshes;Sweet Orange Vanilla warms and sweetens; and Purely Simple brings extra gentle relief.  I love the Orange Vanilla!
Retail Value: $9.95

VERDICT:  I really am liking The Honest Co. products.  So far I'm impressed with what I have received.  There are a couple more items I would like to get so I think I'm going to keep this subscription up.  You can schedule when you want your box delivered, so it's not an exact once a month thing.  I chose every 6 weeks but it's really easy to change.  You can do everything from your account.  Except cancel.  You have to call them for that.  If you use my referral code to sign up, I would love it! 

If you are interested in snagging yourself a bundle, head over to the Honest Co. website and start looking around.  I recommend NOT getting the Trial Kit if you think you want to subscribe because you lose out on being able to use the code INVITED10 to get $10 off your first bundle!

If you sign up and choose your items, don't forget to check your emails because they will email you to tell you when they will ship (to give you time to look over your items) and with my first one they offered me a FREE add on item in the email!  The INVITED10 code is actually better than a free item but getting one free item made me a little happier since I missed out on the code because of the dratted Trial Kit (which, by the way, automatically signs you up for a bundle).

*referral codes were used in the making of this post :)

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