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New Beauty Test Tube May 2014 Review and Coupon

I got my New Beauty Test Tube in the mail today!  This was my first one ever and I was really excited to get it, especially after hearing how happy everyone was with the last one that came out.

The New Beauty Test Tube comes out every two months and they send a wide variety of beauty products.  You will also receive a New Beauty Magazine quarterly.  Mine did not arrive with my tube so I'm guessing its just sent separately.

The Cost: $29.99 every two months plus shipping.

What You Get:  Seven or more full size and deluxe samples of the hottest beauty trends.

The box is hot pink and too big for my mailbox so the postman had to drop it off at my porch.  What made me really happy is that I looked at his mail truck and I saw OTHER Test Tube boxes ready to be dropped off!  I don't know why but it made it feel a little more fun, knowing that some neighbor of mine was also getting their Tube today!
Inside the box is the Tube and a small plastic zip packet of even more samples!  Also included is a large glossy pamphlet explaining each item.
Here are the contents of my Beauty To-Go plastic zip pocket.

Face Wraps Avocado and Vitamin E- "Use this avocado mask to hydrate and heal your skin with healthy fats and nutrients.  Soften your skin with this mask."  This actually has some great ingredients.  Sodium hyaluronate, vitamin E, and hydrolyzed collagen.  It also has some strange choices.  As far as I know cinnamon bark extract can be quite irritating and so can witch hazel.  My skin isn't sensitive so I don't mind but others might want to check the ingredients list.
As a small side note, they spelled avocado wrong every single time in the description on the back.

Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths- "Light powder scent.  For use around your neck, chest or underarms."  This leaves a cooling, silky smooth powder finish thats great after a workout or when the air conditioning breaks at work. Okay, I  made that last part up :)  It's probably true, though.  I'm going to use these while I'm gardening.

Cotz Face with Healthy Mineral Complex- "tinted moisturizing sunscreen."  Contains no preservatives, chemical sunscreens or oil.  No chemicals, huh?  I checked the ingredients to see what the sunscreen was.  Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.  I think maybe these people don't know what a chemical is...  Maybe they should have wrote synthetic chemicals or something.  Because titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are most certainly chemicals (well, they are minerals but they have a chemical make up)!  Naturally occuring chemicals, of course, and both VERY good at protecting you from UVA and UVB rays.

Stila Skincare Face the Day- "multi use moisturizing gel cream."  They certainly covered all the bases with that description.  This is a very good moisturizer.  With hyaluronic acid and plenty of antioxidants, this is a great choice for a moisturizer.  I'm glad to have this!
 Here are the contents of the New Beauty Test Tube!  It was definitely full and I was happy to see three full size items!  I can't say they were the most fascinating items but there is truly a great variety.
Tan Towel Self Tan Towelettes- Get a natural looking radiant tan in two to four hours.  Recommended to use at night so you wake up with the perfect tan.  I like how the box says for Fair to Medium Skin tones.
Probably because someone dark probably doesn't need a tan?
Full Size Value: $24
Included Size: FULL SIZE

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream- visibly improves the look of your skin within five days.  It hydrates, illuminates, firms and evens skin tone.  Sounds like magic I need!!
Full Size Value: $12.99/7.5oz
Included Size: 1oz

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream-  I don't like the fact that they count this tiny bottle as an actual sample.  It's a glycerin moisturizing cream.  No sulfates or fragrance.  Boring.  It works though!  I already got some of this as a freebie in another sample box.
Full Size Value: $16/1oz
Included Size: .1oz
Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless Cleansing Conditioner- No suds conditioning formula for your hair.  Use in place of your shampoo and conditioner!  Apply to scalp and massage through to ends.  Leave in wet hair for five minutes then wash out.  Voila!  Shiny, revitalized hair!  I have to try this!
Full Size Value: $33/8oz
Size Included: 3oz (oh, I thought this was full size but I guess not :\)

Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair!- Deep conditioning mask for dry, damaged or chemically treated hair.
Full Size Value: $26/5.25oz
Included Size: 1oz
Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick in Cobalt- a creamy, glide on shadow that won't crease or wear away.  An innovative silicon system seals color in place while the creamy formula smooths away fine lines.
Full Size Value: $25
Size Included: FULL SIZE

Revision Intellishade SPF 45 Matte (and Original) Tinted Moisturizer- A three in one anti-aging moisturizer with sunscreen that conceals, corrects and protects!  This looks good, too.  Apparently, you can ONLY buy this in spas and salons!  If I love it what will I do?!
Full Size Value: $52/1.7oz
Included Size: .1oz each

VERDICT:  This is a hard one for me.  Why?  Because this is a kinda boring box.  But boring does not mean it isn't useful!  Sometimes I get a box of exciting products and then realize I'll never use half the things.
This box is the opposite.  It's kinda boring but I will actually use these things!  ALL of them!  Tan towels? I'm white as a ghost, why not try them!?  I've never used a self tanner before so this is my chance!
Jergens Body Cream?  Heck ya!  I'll put that on my legs and hope it illuminates them into glorious radiance. :)  That Stila moisturizer is fantastic and I'm currently looking for a good tinted moisturizer with SPF.  If this Revision is any good and doesn't make me shiny, I'll be happy!  Now, for the Mally cobalt blue eyeshadow cream...  Eek! Blue!
Also, that Macadamia Oil intrigues me and I'll definitely try it.  When I'm done with  my Klorane hair mask (which I love) I'll try the Briogeo one.
So, verdict?  I like it!  Would I pay full price for it? No.  I got this for $10 off because I used someones referral link and I'm glad I did.  If you want to get the next box (or maybe they'll send you this one if you want it!) you can use my referral link to get $10 off your first box.

This was my first New Beauty Test Tube.  Have you received one before?  How do you feel it compared to this one?  I feel like some of the last ones I heard about had a really stellar product in it (Tarte blush) but I don't recall what else was in it.  I'm actually pretty excited for my next one and I'm bummed I have to wait two more months for it!

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