Monday, May 19, 2014

Nina Garcia NGQ03 SPOILERS!


Are you ready!? (See FULL REVIEW here!)

Nina Garcia has been releasing hints for her new Quarterly box!!  This box will be shipping in July, which is a little later than normal because one of her products is taking longer to procure than they expected.

The Cost: $100/quarterly

What You Get: A box full of AMAZING items hand-chosen by Nina Garcia herself.  The last box was worth $433 and the box before that was over $500 because of the exclusive items involved.

The first hint was that one of the products had a retail of $100 and could be found at Net-A-Porter (to name one place).  After poring extensively over that site, I narrowed my ideas down to a Michael Kors Clutch, golden earbuds or several kinds of beauty products, including SK-II.

The second hint was that this box will take us to one of her favorite cities in the world!

The third hint is that the soundtrack for her next box could be "Corcovado (Quiet Night of Stars)".

Corcovado is a mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

We are going to Rio, everyone!!  This is a fantastic theme for a box and I am so THRILLED that I was able to subscribe.  I can't wait to see what she will include!

You still have a chance to buy this box!!  Clickie here to go to the website!

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