Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nina Garcia #NGQ03 SPOILERS!!

I am so thrilled right now!  Mainly because I tweeted @NinaGarcia and she replied!!  But also because of the answer to my question!

Nina Garcia has been throwing hints out left and right for her #NGQ03 box.

The Cost:  $100/quarterly.

What You Get: A box of fantastic products hand picked by Nina Garcia.  She usually has several items completely unique to her box that can't be purchased anywhere else.

If you would like to subscribe to this box, head over to and sign up!  It ships in June.  They don't charge until it ships.

See full Review for NGQ03 HERE!

Here is what we know:

It takes us to her favorite country in the world.

This has been established as Brazil.

The song "Corcovado" could be the theme song for her box.

Corcovado is a mountain in Rio de Jainero, Brazil!

She then posted Shakira's Lalala World Cup 2014 song and said it could also be part of her box soundtrack.
Later she posted an entire Spotify soundtrack of Latin music.

One item in the box is worth $100 and can be found at Net-A-Porter (though not exclusively).  I hunted through everything there and found a pair of Frends Gold Earbuds, a Michael Kors clutch and several kinds of beauty products for $100.  I'm hoping for the clutch (but I doubt it), based on her previous hints, a lot of music is involved so the earbuds would make sense (but they are no longer available on Net-a-Porter so maybe it wont be that).


I tweeted Nina Garcia and asked her if she could include something World Cup related in our boxes.

Her answer: "I will :)"

Now, most people don't know this but I *love* soccer football! Futbol!  I quit my job four years ago just so I could watch the entirety of the World Cup!  Well, I left because I was going to anyway but I always say it was for the World Cup since it *kinda* was.

File:Rio de janeiro copacabana beach 2010.JPG

There are so many wonderful things that could be included because of the Rio theme.  Rio is famous for it's Copacabana beaches.  Summer is coming up so I would love to see a wrap or a sunhat or even sunglasses.  I'm sure there will be a glorious skin care item since she has included something of that sort in all her last boxes.

Although, these are *her* boxes and she's putting in things she would want and that makes it fun! Knowing shes interested in World Cup types of things is pretty amazing.

But we all know she loves fashion first so there's got to be something else in that box. I cannot see her completely ignoring the fact that its SUMMER either. There's just no way. This is her first opportunity to put beachy/summery goodness in her box and I don't think she's going to pass that up.

So its sunny Rio, exotic Brasil, World Cup 2014, hot, sultry music and something found at Net-A-Porter!  I can hardly wait!


  1. YESSSSSSS. I AM SO HAPPY YOU ASKED!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME. :DDD AND NOW I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS BOX. :3 Also you're awesome for quitting your job for the world cup. ;)

    1. Haha! I only did it because you didn't sound like you were going to! :D I don't even care if it's a window sticker! I *love* the fact that she's so into this. I think she has a lot of fun picking out what to put in these boxes. I totally did quit my job for the World Cup. I had planned on waiting til the end of summer but then I saw the World Cup schedule and was like "Oh, I'll just do it now." :D It was only a part time job at Starbucks that I did for fun so it's not like I stole food out of my dogs mouths or anything! But it's still fun to say it ;)

  2. Hahaha, yeah I'm lazy. XD And also I feel bad for badgering people so I'm glad you tweeted her. :D I'm really NOT a summer person, but I think this will be my favorite summer box because of her and her amazing taste. (and of course, the world cup).

    OHHHH. Starbucks! I don't drink coffee at all, but I've always wanted to work at Starbucks to learn how to make those drinks. XD And hehehe, that's an awesome story to tell. ;)

    PS: You should log into your Glossybox account and check your surveys to see what you're getting!!! I'm ending up with three dupe boxes lol.

    1. Oh! I did go and check since you mentioned it. Mine are all different but I only have 11 surveys on my account with two boxes... That must mean I get both kinds of Napolean (the tube and the packets) in one box?

    2. Some people's surveys haven't updated all the way so you're not alone. But yay on not-dupe boxes. :D

  3. Hiya, When does this box usually ship out?

    1. That is always the question with Quarterly. They seem to push everything back pretty often. Currently this box ships in June as scheduled. Last time it shipped on the 14th of the month. I think it charged on the 11th right before it shipped.

  4. Thanks for letting me know!
    I have a guess though on that product for $100. I think (hoping) it might be SK-II, the Pitera Essence Pack or the 75ml Facial Essence. What do you think? Maybe?

    1. I hope that is what it is SO much!! She has had good quality skincare products in both her past boxes. When I was looking earlier (when she first announced a spoiler) they also had a pair of Frendz earbuds that were $100 and with the way she's been talking about music in regards to the box, I'm afraid it might be those. I can't decide if it's good that they are out of stock at Net-a-Porter or bad (like they are all gone because they are in our boxes). Ahhh!! We are so close to knowing! I would be so happy if it was the SK-II. Seriously happy. :)