Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Popsugar MustHave May 2014 Review

My Popsugar MustHave box for May arrived today and I was desperate to get into it.  I saw the spoilers previously and just thinking about this box makes me happy.

The Cost: $39.99/month

What You Get: An exciting monthly box packed with full size items relating to beauty, fitness, home and lifestyle.

Hi, I'm Skinny Sticks in Multi-Grain Sweet Onion-  As you can see, this was the first thing I went for.  They are delicious!  I ate several while taking the photos and then I put them away to stop myself from nomming the whole bag.
Value: $4

One Day Fat Blast by Tone It Up-  There was a time in my life where I thought exercise DVD's were ridiculous.  Then I randomly got Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.  It's only 25 minutes long and its hard but not hardcore and I loved the results.  I ended up losing 20 lbs while using Jillian DVD's and I got a lot of muscle, too!  So I will try this.  I'll let you know how it stacks up. :)
Value: $15

Zing Anything Citrus Zinger-  This was what I was the most excited about! Press lemons, limes or any fruit at all directly into your drink!  Perfect for everywhere and keeps you hydrated.  This is a great quality bottle, too.  This is not a cheap plastic bottle.  Look at this:

Can I tell you how happy this made me?  If you regularly use water bottles (like I do), you will know they are a PAIN to clean.  I have a special bottle scrubby just for them.  But this bottle comes apart!  It can be thrown in the dishwasher so easily.
Of course, I cant wait to throw in some fruit and check it out.  I forgot to get lemons at the store yesterday (and I meant to get them just for this) so I'll have to make another trip out.
Value: $17

Smellbent St. Tropez Dispenser-  This does not dispense Pez, sadly, but it does dispense the most heavenly, summery, beachy, happy scent ever.  It's a blend of jasmine absolue and coconut and it is amazing.  I had read that it was pretty powerful so I made sure to only spritz a tiny amount.  It smells so good.  I love the scent of jasmine and this is a perfect blend with the coconut.  It screams summer to me and I will definitely be wearing it.
Value: $45

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Polish in Pool Boy-  This is a perfect sky blue.  I love it.  I'm going to use it on my toes, first, I think.  This is supposed to be a hard as nails polish and tends to be chip free for a good while.  I'd love that.  Julep doesn't seem to last long for me.
Value: $10

Kerry Cassill Eye Mask- Cover your eyes with cotton and hope the sunshine doesn't keep you from sleeping.  I don't use sleep masks and we have blackout drapes so the mask isn't necessary. However the print is cute and it'll make a nice addition to a stocking or perhaps a plane ride.  I would never pay $24 for this either.  That's a pretty big mark-up.
Value: $24

VERDICT:  Loved it!  Love the perfume and the infuser bottle the most.  The snacks are tasty, the DVD will be checked out and the polish put to use.  The only thing I wouldn't use is the mask.  I'm very happy with this box.  I paid $29 for this Popsugar box using the code AWESOME10 (BOX10 and MODNIQUE may also work) and I was planning to buy an infuser bottle anyway so this was win for me this month.

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  1. I love the water bottle so much more than I thought I would! :D I've been using it for the last couple of days and have definitely been drinking more fruit-infused water as a result. We have a lemon tree in the backyard and two orange trees so I've just been grabbing some off the trees, hahaha. The orange-infused water isn't that great since it just ends up tasting like watered down orange juice but the lemon is amazing!

    I liked the skinny sticks until I looked at how much sodium there was in each serving. 15%!!! :(

    1. Well, no wonder that snack is so good! Mmm, salt! My bottle is now all washed up and ready for use. Unlike you (and I am SO jealous) I cannot go into my backyard and grab a lemon. I have to go to the store. I was only going to get one but I think maybe I'll get a bag because if I like it as much as you do, I'll need a lot!

  2. It tastes amazing with lemon! It's basically lemonade without sugar and so good. :D But make sure your lemons are small enough to fit into the bottle or else you'll have to cut off the peel. XD