Thursday, May 8, 2014

Random Thoughts about Things...

I am so excited for my Fortune Cookie Soap Box to arrive.  The FedEx lady showed up today and I was thinking it was a surprise box of some sort since I have nothing scheduled to arrive today. No, it was from Amazon and contained dog food.  Pfft.  My Fortune Cookies box hasn't even shipped yet.

I also ordered a trial Essential Bundle from the Honest Company.  Mostly because I think Jessica Alba is so normal that she could be my friend.  I put Jennifer Garner in that category, too.  Not that they ever would actually be my friend but you know what I mean.
Anyway, I ordered up the FREE trial bundle and paid $6 for the shipping and then realized that I now was automatically enrolled in their Bundle program.  Which seems to mean that I can't use any of the awesome codes out there for being a new customer! Bah!  I might email them and see if there is a way around that.  Or I suppose I could just cancel and the resubscribe and see if that works.
The other reason I ordered is because I love their scents!  Lemongrass is one of my favorites and I'm going to order a bundle just so I can get all their lemongrass scented product!  I'm not super into natural and organic things but all Honest Companies products are safe and chemical free.
Now, while researching a little more, I see that I have to *call* to cancel!  I hate that!

I'm also looking forward to the Nina Garcia Quarterly box.  I know its not til June but I've had fun browsing trying to figure out what she's going to put in it.

I wish my Birchbox would ship already!  I've had a non-clicky truck forever.  Also, my box page needs to update :)  Birchbox usually takes ten whole days to get to me.  One coast to the other takes awhile.

ipsyIpsy Glam Rooms go live on Monday so if you want to know what's in your box, Monday is the day!

I should have Sample Society, Blush and Yuzen to review soon.  Although, Yuzen uses Priority 2 day mail, they still haven't shipped it!  Get on it, people!

Memebox #10 ships on Tuesday!!

Beauty DNABeautyDNA will be here Saturday.  I think I'm going to cancel it.  Not because I don't like the product but because I prefer sample sizes.  I never get to the bottom of a full size skincare or make up product.  I take that back.  I did reach the end of my Clinique Shy/Mauve Crystal lipstick.  Boy was I sad when I figured out it was discontinued.  Eight years ago.  Yeah.  Full size and me just don't work.

Glossybox appears to be having a really rough time right now.  I think they need a shake up in management somewhere (it's probably the CEO guy who started the company thats causing all the problems-he seems more creative smart than business-running smart).  Anyway, the Limited Edition Mother's Day box was supposed to be here for Mother's Day.  Makes sense, right?  Well, somehow thats not happening.  You know what they did??  They tried to ship 2nd Day Air with an aerosol can in the box.  You'd think they'd be really aware of shipping rules by now, amirite?  So while I thought my box was coming, its been in limbo for awhile now.  I'm contemplating requesting a refund.  Meanwhile some people still haven't received their April boxes. Which isn't unusual in and of itself but what's making everyone mad is that they are charging for May when April hasn't arrived!  That's a good gripe, imo.
Luckily, my Mother's Day box was not for my mother.  It was for me!  So it won't matter if its late.  It will matter if it gets lost and never shows up, though!
I feel so bad for their customer service team.  If I worked for them I would quit.  I wouldn't be able to deal with so much vitriol.  There's a way to get what you wantneed without being horrible!  The poor customer service agent has nothing to do with box shipping but they get the crap dumped in their inbox all day.  I hope they pay well.  Some of those girls are saints!

Just in case you're interested (which I highly doubt), I slug baited my garden today and noticed my irises are about to bloom!  For the first time!  It only took three years... sheesh.  I also managed to accidentally scare off a rabbit that was nibbling on something.  I didn't know it was there but I was sure glad it was gone.  It's so hard getting mad at a cute little bunny.  Until you see that it has eaten every single bloom and bud off the phlox you tried so hard to keep alive all winter.  /sigh


  1. Oh man, I wish Ipsy would update the glam rooms earlier! This is my first month and I'm really anxious to see what I'm getting. At least I can count on Birchbox to always update on the 10th. :D It's really bad but I have four boxes coming to me this month (OOPS). :p That Kate Spade necklace promo code really pushed me over the edge. XD

    Ugh, Glossybox. I honestly have nothing nice to say about them. (I hate how good their boxes are though, such a love-hate relationship.I do hope that you get your Mother's Day box soon. :( We should race to see if you'll get that first or if I'll get my April GB first. :p

    1. Yay! Grats on getting off the waitlist :) I am really enjoying my Ipsy bags. Glossybox is *definitely* a love-hate thing for me. I hate their customer service but their boxes can be SO good!
      The race is on! I got a shipping notice for my Mother's Day box but it won't be here any sooner than Friday. I seriously hope you get yours first. I'm hoping this doesn't have an impact on our May boxes! (notice I said boxes... /guiltylook)

    2. Thank you. :D I think this month should be pretty interesting depending on what I get! But I think I'm most excited for the bag because it looks so pretty. :)

      Haha I think I might just get my April GB before you get your Mother's Day box because my shipping finally updated and showed that it was at my local post office. It's crazy how it only takes 3 days to get to me once they ship but they seem to refuse to ship until the next month. =___=

      It's okay. ;) I'm getting multiple May GBs too, hehehe...