Monday, May 26, 2014

Random Thoughts for the Day

It's kind of theraputic to think about things on paper.  Or see them on my screen, I suppose.

SquareHueFirst up:  Have you heard of  I first discovered this nail polish company because of a swap.  I swapped for their p.c. hooft straat 04.14 color.  It's a purple bluey shimmer and it is GORGEOUS!  I must have more of these.  They have a subscription box for $14.95 where you get three mystery polishes a month.  I haven't subscribed (yet) but I am SO tempted!  These are nice big .5oz bottles and this purple is to die for.  I can't believe someone wanted to swap it!

Tuesday (tomorrow) is going to be a whopper of a mail day. Since the holiday trapped some of my packages which normally would have arrived today, tomorrow will be VERY busy for me!  So many reviews to write and pictures to take! Yay!

I'm starting to feel kinda bad for my mailman because he always has to stop and get out of his truck to deliver my masses of boxes. He's really nice, though, and he helps me out a lot by never making me pick anything up at the post office.  It was also cool because when I stopped to talk to him, he told me he was deaf!  I was pretty happy to put all my years of sign language interpreting to good use and have a conversation with him.  He was awfully surprised and now he always signs good morning when he sees me.

Memebox GlobalI don't think I can do anything these days without mentioning Memebox.  Even my husband is well aware of them and what they do.  Well, I suppose I did make him use that Tony Moly egg so if he doesn't know anything about Korean beauty products, he has still used one! :D  I should be getting #10 tomorrow and Mini #1 (maybe Mini #2 is there too?) by Friday. I'm REALLY in love with the LJH Vita-Propolis Ampoule that I got in Naked Box #14.  I should do a review on it.  It's amazing!

Wantable sucked me in again for another round of May intimates. My first box was SO good!  And the value was pretty incredible. My second box will be here on Wednesday and I cannot wait to see what they've put in it for me this time.  I changed all my preferences so it should be completely different.  I don't really like their Accessories collections and I get plenty of make up from other subs but the Intimates subscription is one of the best out there.  The fact that you can return it completely free if you hate it all is so nice.

I realized today that I haven't put up ANY reviews on my Darby Smart kits!  I have another one on the way, too.  I did make dyed pillowcases but they did NOT turn out.  I think I expected too much from my dye.  Then I made an ink-stenciled tea towel and that worked marvelously and looks so good.

Here's a picture I took of my blooming peonies.  I cut them and brought them inside because they were drooping to the ground.  I love them!

So I was NOT happy with the neighbor girl today.  I have some peonies that started out quite small.  It's been three years and they have not bloomed until today!  Well, only two of them.  The other two apparently want to wait another year before deigning to show what color they are.
The first one to bloom (of my new ones, not my old pink ones) turned out to be a glorious puffball of deep red!

Today was the first day it bloomed.  Unfortunately, the neighbor girl came over, ripped it off its stem and then planted in her own yard in the dirt near the street.  Three years I wait.  And in the space of 6 hours, my first (and only) bloom is ruined.  I wanted to give that kid a piece of my mind and I probably will if I ever see her.  We will have a talk about taking things that don't belong to us. It makes me feel like a crotchety old lady when I think about how much I want to grouch at that girl.  She's old enough to know better.  Or at least have been taught better by her parents.
I know, I know... #firstworldproblems.
Luckily, the only reason I have a good picture of this bloom is because I saw that glowing red brilliance across the street.  I went over there and plucked it out of her dirt and put it in a bowl of water to float.

As a complete non-sequitur, if you haven't read any Anne Bishop books you should.  I'm off to finish the one I'm reading now.


  1. The nerve of that girl! The last sentence of your story cracked me up. I totally would've done the same thing. Hopefully the box haul you're expecting today will cheer you up some!

    1. It's a pretty good haul, I can't lie!! And while I probably would have left my peony on the plant, it's pretty nice sitting here next to me in a bowl. :D

  2. Seriously, wtf. Who goes into someone else's yard and takes something that does not belong to them? That's trespassing and theft. >:( Ugh, I can't believe she had the audacity to do that. Completely unacceptable. I'm glad you got it back though. It's beautiful. :)