Friday, May 16, 2014

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle May 2014 Review

Saffron Rouge is all about organic beauty.  Everything they sell has at least one organics certification or has proven that they use as many organic ingredients as possible.

Inner Circle is Saffron Rouges monthly subscription box.

The Cost: $24.99/month

What You Get:  Premium deluxe samples from leading and up-and-coming organic beauty brands from around the world.

Usually this comes in an organza bag but this month it was only wrapped in tissue.  This subscription is an experiment for me because I normally will not choose an organic beauty product just because its organic.  I like my products to good ingredients that produce results no matter if its organic or not.  However, I know a lot of people prefer to avoid certain ingredients and Saffron Rouge definitely can help with that!

I will admit that with this first glance at my products I was disappointed by how small everything was.  I could carry all these in one hand.  All the brands but Well People and red Flower were new to me.

Primavera Calming Moisture Cream-  Soothes and hydrates skin while boosting collagen production.  This had no ingredient list so I had to find it online.  It has an interesting array of plant extracts with lots of antioxidants and several alcohols.  Alcohol isn't that great for your skin and actually can harm it.  It also has witch hazel which has astringent properties but also can cause irritation if the concentration is too strong.
Full Size Value: $44/1oz
Included Size: .27oz

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel- A great daily moisturizer for sensitive or acne-prone skin. Made with aloe and witch hazel.  For use after shaving, waxing, facial peels, insect bites and sun burns.  It's made with a base of aloe vera and witch hazel to which several plant extracts are added.  Including orange.  Which is a citrus and it's recommended to avoid slathering citrus on your face if you have sensitive skin.  It smells good, though! I might save this for sunburns.
Full Size Value:$64/4oz
Included Size: No sizing noted.  Possibly .17oz

red flower Orange Quince Steam Room Mist- Spray yourself with orange, quince, iris and rose to stimulate blood circulation.  I'm pretty sure you can't stimulate your blood by spraying yourself with flowers.  I was pretty disappointed in the red flower product they sent last month.  It reeked. To me this stinks like baby powder.  I don't smell orange at all.  It makes my nose itch.
Full Size Value: $35/4oz
Included Size: .3oz

Lily Lolo Lip Gloss in Scandalips- Tastes like chocolate, packed with vitamin E and jojoba oil. Has a hint of shimmer and is the perfect summer pink.  Okay, I love this!  It really is a perfect color.  It has a slight shimmer which I like.  It's a little bit sticky but not too bad.  The color is so great it makes up for it.  And it really does smell like chocolate (not so much taste, though).
Full Size Value: $15.98/6ml
Size Included: FULL SIZE

Well People Hedonist 52 Mineral Bronzer in Medium-  I am so picky with my bronzers.  My skin is so fair that I have to be pretty careful or I look like a clown.  This one isn't too dark so I think I may try it, I just wish it was the Light!  Unfortunately it's in a terrible container for actually using so I might have to find a better solution for that.
Full Size Value: $23/6g
Size Included: 1.5g

Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow in Hellebore- This is a pretty pink and I may use it.  I am so stuck in my neutrals preferences and the Too Faced shadow palette we got in the April Popsugar makes me so happy I hardly know what to do with myself.  This will probably go up for swaps to someone who will love it more than I do.
Full Size Value: $12.50/2.5g
Size Included: 2g

VERDICT:  I was pleased that the one item I liked was full size.  I was not too enthused with anything else in this box.  I don't like that they sent a spray last month and this month.  I wish they didn't send the red flower brand two months in a row.  That wouldn't be so bad if I liked their products but so far that brand has not impressed me AT ALL.  I like that they included Well People but I wish the container was more user friendly.  The eyeshadow is almost full size, a pretty color and it's make up which make it good.  Overall, though, this box did not make me want to keep my subscription.  If I was focused on organics this box might have made me happier.  This just isn't my kind of subscription.  It's a great sub and I do recommend trying it if you are interested in only using organic beauty products.  They have a great variety.  It's just not my type of thing.

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