Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Homegrown Collective Box helps me Make Mustard!

I received my Homegrown Collective box a few days ago and  I finally had a chance to dig into it and get something done!

The Cost: $39.99 plus shipping.  Use code BITBOX10 to get 10% off any length subscription.

What You Get: Everything you need to make something amazing!  It focuses on being "green" and sustainable living so its always a great project!

Today, I'm making Mustard.  This box came with everything to make ketchup and mustard but I'm starting with mustard because my husband was excited about it.  He loves mustard.  I hate it.  However, hating something does not mean that it isn't fun to make!  So I gathered everything up and got to work.
The Recipe:
3/4c whole brown and yellow mustard seeds (provided)
4 cloves of garlic (provided)
1/4c apple cider vinegar (provided)
1T whey concentrate (provided)
2T Pacific sea salt (provided)
2T raw honey, optional (not provided but I had some from  my last Homegrown Collective box!)
1 cup of water (to desired consistency)
Since I can't do anything without making at least one mistake, the first thing I did was put the mustard seeds in the blender and add the apple cider vinegar.  Then I read that I was supposed to blend the seeds first, leaving most of them whole.  Whoops!  So I blended them with the vinegar in there.  Now that I think about it, I probably was fine without blending them first at all.  Forgiving recipes are a wonderful thing!
Honey, whey concentrate, sea salt and garlic all added!  Added half a cup of water. Time to blend!
That, my friends, is mustard!  I added a little more water because it seemed a little thicker than I would like.  I did not add the entire cup that was suggested because I prefer a less runny mustard when I'm making sandwiches.  Yes,  I make sandwiches for my DH.  They make him happy, especially when they have mustard. :)

I scooped the mustard into the provided Mason Jar.  The contraption front and center in this photo is the fermentation device.  Fermenting makes it extra healthy and full of probiotics.  I still hate mustard.  The other thing I realized was that while I had at first been concerned that I didnt have a jar to put the mustard in once it was completely done (fermented and all), I didn't need to be.  The jar they had the mustard seeds in is the jar you're supposed to put the finished product in!  Yay!

So, I screwed on the lid with the plastic thing that will ferment it onto the Mason Jar.  Then I filled the plastic thing with water to the Max Fill Line, which was maybe a teaspoon.  I filled it too far and had to dump some out.  Then put the little plastic lid on the fermenter contraption and set it all aside.  Now I have to wait three days while watching the water level and making sure it stays full.

All of this took about a half an hour, maybe less.  It's such a great project and the nice thing is that you have a real, consumable product when you are done!  I hope it tastes good.  I'll give you the verdict from DH when its finished.
Next up is ketchup once this mustard has done its thing.

If you are interested in doing fun experiments on your own and having everything provided for you and delivered to your door, check out Homegrown Collective.  Their boxes are seriously the best!


  1. Ohhh, I'm really interested in seeing your future post about ketchup! I love ketchup and hate mustard. >:D

    1. Probably tomorrow :) I hate mustard too. SO much. But ketchup is my friend, especially with french fries but definitely not with scrambled eggs *shiver*.

    2. Haha, I'm the person who pretty much puts ketchup on everything. XD Even scrambled eggs. :p