Friday, May 9, 2014

The Honest Company Trial Essentials Kit Review + Coupon Code

I signed up over at The Honest Company sort of on accident.
They had a free trial kit that you could have sent to you and since I had been considering signing up for the monthly subscription anyway, I figured why not start with that.

What I didn't know was that it would *automatically* sign me up for the subscription.  I also didn't know that the only way to cancel is by telephone.  Yuck.

HOWEVER!  And that is a big however indeed.  I just received  my trial kit in the mail and I am in love.  Seriously.

Now I may have mentioned before but lemongrass might be my favorite scent in the world.  I love it.  The whole reason I was thinking I *should* sign up is because they have lemongrass scented everything!  And I got lemongrass scented fabulousness in  my trial kit today.  Happy girl here.

First of all... Super cute packaging.  The outside of the box had a flower pattern on it, too.  With all those good words on the inside of the box you start to feel like you really did make a good choice in going with these products.  It's an excellent marketing tactic.

Whee!  What I know now is that this is Essentials Bundle in 2oz travel sizes.  I did a lot of playing around on their website so that I could get exactly what I wanted in my first real bundle shipment.
Five great products all in a row.

honest hand soap- See that?! It's lemongrass! It smells like heaven.  I love it.  This is made from plants. It's biodegradable and has no synthetic chemicals.  And it smells really good ;)

honest multi-surface cleaner- all purpose cleaner that gets rid of grease and dust and doesn't leave streaks!  Also, no harsh chemicals involved. Oh.  And it smells like heaven...  I might love white grapefruit, too.  Actually, I wish it was a body spray or something.  Instead I used it to clean my computer desk.

honest healing balm- I think this might be for dry, cracked skin.  It's got shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E in it.  It is certified organic!  It doesn't smell good.

honest face + body lotion-  This has a whole bunch of plant oils, shea butter, jojoba, etc for moisturizing.  I did not try it because if it smells as bad as the healing balm, I won't be using it.

honest shampoo + body wash- This I managed to explode all over myself while opening it. Luckily, it smells good! Sweet orange vanilla.  It's a very light scent so I'm pretty sure DH won't mind using it.  Plant based and good for your hair and your self.

Here's the great thing about ordering a bundle from The Honest Company,  you don't have to get the same things every time!  Thank goodness because I do not want that healing balm in ANY of my bundles ever.  Considering they have so much good stuff to pick from I don't think that will be a problem for me.  I've already chosen foaming hand soap, dish towels, bug spray and lip balms.

Before you sign up, though, let me warn you.  If you order the trial kit, you will automatically be enrolled in their Bundling program so you will have to call and cancel.
If you DO NOT get the trial kit, you get to pick your Bundle, customize it and then use a coupon. I managed to lose out on using a coupon because of the trial kit.

Use code INVITED10 to get $10 off your first bundle!

Bundles are $35.95 and come with 5 items of your choice.  If you are looking for natural, safe, organic baby supplies, essentials or health and wellness items, this will be a very good way for you to get to know The Honest Company.  As far as I can tell they are as natural and chemical free as you can get.  I know lots of people need and/or prefer that kind of thing, so for you that would be a great deal.  Truly natural products aren't exactly cheap!

With the coupon it will be  $25.95 unless you can't resist adding some items on with the bundle discount.  I didn't resist.  I'm bummed I didn't get to use the $10 off code but oh well.  If you use my referral link to sign up it will make me feel a little better about not paying enough attention to the fine print... :\

This is just the trial kit not the actual bundle so I don't know if it deserves and official Verdict but my verdict is that I like it.  I actually like it enough to not immediately cancel which is saying a LOT.  I'm actually kind of excited about getting the things I've chosen, too.

You can also use the code PLUM35OFF to get 35% off your first bundle!  Exp. 9/10/14

Have you ever used this company?  Gotten a bundle?  Dealt with their customer service? What do you think of The Honest Company?

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