Thursday, May 29, 2014

Treatsie May 2014 Review

Treatsie is a monthly sweets subscription that focuses on small batch, artisan treat vendors.

The Cost: $15/month plus $4.95 shipping

What You Get: Each box includes amazing artisan sweets from 3 – 4 small, independent vendors, which change every month, and has a retail value of $20 – $25 before shipping.

I received my box today.  I had to contact them because the tracking that they sent me never updated.  They decided to send me a replacement box and included extra sweets to make up for it.

First look!  It looks good!  Nice and full.  I already knew what was going to be in this box because they spoiled it on their website so I wasn't too surprised by what was in there.

CC Made Caramel Corn-  The flavors sent were Classic, Rosemary Cashew and Pistachio Nut. Unfortunately, I don't like caramel corn at all.  After tasting this, I like it even less.  These pouches are quite small at only one ounce each.  I tried the Classic.  It tasted quite burnt.  Meaning it tasted just like burnt popcorn with a candy coating.  We all know that the taste of burnt popcorn cannot be over come.  There is no disguising that taste.  I was so disappointed.
I had been prepared to change my mind about caramel corn.  Instead it was reinforced.  I know this is not Treatsies fault but rather the CC Made company.  I'm disappointed that CC Made sent out inferior product.  How can they expect to get customers when their tasting batches are burnt?!

Willamette Valley Confectionary Sweet Heart Pâte de Fruit in Marionberry, Strawberry & Rhubarb and Raspberry- made from about 40% whole fruit or berries using non-GMO corn glucose and beet sugar. The pâte de fruit is made in the classic French style using sugars and pectin to create an exquisite jelly confection bursting with flavor. These are Vegan and have No Gluten Ingredients.
I opened the Strawberry & Rhubarb to try a taste.  They suggest pairing these with wine but I don't drink wine so that's never going to happen.  Strawberries and rhubarb are one of my favorite combinations and after the let down of the caramel corn, I was looking for something tasty.  Sadly, it was not to be.  The smell of these is incredibly off putting.  They smell exactly like rancid vegetable oil!  I tried not breathing while taking a bite and it's not just the smell, it's in the tasting of it, too!  I can't figure out why they taste and smell like that because they don't have any vegetable oil in them!
So I opened the Raspberry one to see if it had the same problem.  The Raspberry is actually good.  It does have just the barest hint of rancid oil smell but NOTHING like the Strawberry Rhubarb.  I wonder if being shipped in the heat degraded them or something.

I do have to admit that I am feeling terrible about blogging my experience.  I don't like to say awful things but I can't help the truth.  But we will end on a high note!

Serendipity Confections Sea Salt Caramels-  These are delicious.  Heaven.  Perfect caramel texture, soft and gooey but not too stringy, either.  These were 2 HUGE caramels, too.  I ate half of one and saved the rest for later. Very good!

Extra Sweets-  These were sent because they lost my order.  I was a teensy bit disappointed that it was only two caramels but Avenue Sweets is my favorite.

Avenue Sweets Caramels in Vanilla-  In my eyes, AvenueSweets is THE perfect caramel.  The texture, the flavor, the over-all caramel experience is perfection.  I would buy these in a heartbeat if Treatsie didn't charge an arm and a leg for shipping.

Random Vanilla Caramel- No clue what brand this caramel is but it was the least of the bunch.  No ooey, gooey goodness, no subtle but flavorful taste.  This was a chew and swallow kind of caramel.  I like it when they are soft and melty in your mouth.

VERDICT:  This box, quite frankly, was a dud.  The first problem is the lack of variety.  There were only three things. I was lucky to get two extra caramels which the regular subscriber would not get.  The lack of variety is disappointing.  It's cutting off a large portion of your customer base when you send so few things. Not everyone is going to like everything, that is true.  But when you only send three things you have less of a chance for the customer to find something they like.  I paid $4.95 for this box with a generous promotional discount.  I am glad that Treatsie gave new customers the opportunity to try their box for the price of shipping only.  I just wish I had had a better experience.

Having rancid jelly fruits and burned popcorn is not Treatsies fault but it makes me wonder if Artisan treats are the way to go.  If the confectioneries can't quality control their items, they are only hurting themselves.  When people like me get burned caramel corn, they'll say so.

Treatsie is not for me.  I guess I don't have a big enough sweet tooth.  If you would like to try them for yourself, you can find their website here.  They do have some delicious treats which you can buy separately from a box in their shop.  If you sign up for emails they will send you promotions and coupons.

**Update: I contacted Treatsie about my spoiled treats and they responded back very quickly.  They are sending me more AvenueSweets caramels because I said I didn't want to risk the Fruit Pate in the heat again.  This is VERY nice of them and I appreciate the excellent customer service. So again, while this may not be the box for me, I do still recommend them as a company if you are the type that loves sweets of all kinds.

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  1. Oh god, now I'm afraid to try those pate de fruits. XD I really love strawberry rhubarb too so I'm going to be really sad if they're gross. :( I love sweet things but I think I'd rather make them myself. XD Goodbye forever Treatsie, lol.

    1. I really hope yours aren't gross. I just cannot figure out why mine smell SO terrible! My "extra treats" were almost the best part! That's kinda sad :|

    2. Yeah the extra treats were probably the best. I had two of the random caramels and I really loved the one I tried!

  2. I just opened mine and it tastes fine! IDK about the weather for you but it's been pretty warm here in CA, so maybe they sent you some gross products? :( You can email them about it though.

    1. Oh, good! And they don't smell funny either?!

    2. Surprisingly no! They didn't smell like anything... other than sugar and strawberries. XD I think you should definitely email them (if you still want stuff from them that is...)