Friday, May 2, 2014

Wantable Intimates May 2014 Review!

Wantable is a subscription program with three options.
You can choose Make up, Accessories or Intimates.  This month I chose Intimates.  I actually signed up when they sent me a 10% off coupon.

One really nice thing about Wantable is that they offer you a way to customize what you will receive. They have a profile you fill out and you can say whether you like, love or dislike each item or type of item that they offer.
It's a great way to make sure you won't get anything you absolutely hate and a great way to get things you think you might love but wouldn't necessarily pay full price at a department store for.

The Cost: No matter which subscription you choose, the cost is $36/month.  You can also choose a one time box for $40.

What You Get:  If you choose Make-Up, you will receive four to five Full Size make up products customized completely to your preferences.  If you choose Accessories, you will get 3-4 boutique accessories also customized for you.  I chose the Wantable Intimates this time.  Intimates receives 4-5 premium "essentials" such as camis, tanks, socks and underwear.

One of the really wonderful things about Wantable is that there is no waiting period.  Once you order, your box is on it's way in a day or two.  I ordered this box on April 29th and received it today, May 2nd!  You will get a tracking email, so there will be no guessing when it will arrive.  It's a pretty small box.  I can never figure out how they get so much stuff into it!

Here's what Wantables says you may receive in May:

Honeydew Intimates with adorable panties and camis with the sweetest details.

GOGO by Therafirm with footless pantyhose that wrap your legs in soft, light gradient compression and wick away moisture to keep you cool

Rhonda Shear with reversible soft bras

St. Eve with new loungewear and tanks

CASS & Co. with short shaping bottoms to keep you looking trim under your shortest summer dresses and skirts. Cynthia Rowley with the perfect no-show socks

Finally, luxurious silk panties from Mary Green, and new items from Betsey Johnson, K. Bell, OnGossamer, and so many more!

Here's a photo of my likes and dislikes.  You can change this as often as you want!  For this first time around I said I liked Shapewear (hey, its expensive!) but after getting this box, I will change that to dislike for the next box.  It's SO easy to do!

First up!

K. Bell Above the Knee Socks ($10.99)- These are ADORABLE and I LOVE them!!  I already put them on even though its 80 degrees outside!  I love cute socks and these are so perfect!

GOGO by Therafirm Footless Pantyhose in Black ($24.99)-  These are kinda boring.  I mean, they are footless pantyhose and they compress all your wobbly bits.  Useful, of course, but not nearly as exciting as the socks!  I would never spend $25 on these but I didn't have to!  And now I have the perfect hose for slacks with open toe shoes.

Cass Shaping Contour Boyleg Nude ($38)- So here's where I decided Shapewear definitely had to be only a once in a while type thing.  These babies are almost $40 so its a really good deal when youre only paying $36 for a box but it's not something I wear all the time and I'd rather get something I would use more often. These are actually a high quality weave and material and I will try to find a use for them.

Honeydew Springtime Floral Knicker Hot Saffron Pink ($14)-  These are cute and of course I'll wear them.  And now you also know I will be wearing them.  I've considered this brand many times on the Nordstrom website but I usually end up with Natori (which if you want underwear with ZERO pantylines, Natori is amazing! NO pantylines even in yoga pants!).

VERDICT:  I can't wait for my next box!  You can actually buy as many boxes as you want during a month.  It's also REALLY easy to return the box if you hate whats in it.  I did get one box earlier in January and nothing fit so I sent it all back.  Go to your Account, hit Return, print out the label and drop it off at your post office. Done!  I really appreciate that they do that especially with the Intimates.  You just never know.  I'm really happy with this box.  I got ADORABLE socks and cute undies.  I also got two items that will be useful but not something I would normally buy just because they're expensive.  All that makes this a win for me!

Have you heard of Wantable?  If you want to try it for either Makeup, Intimates or Accessories, their website is really easy to use.  You can use my referral code if you like as well.  Oh, and as a little "secret" if you sign up and then put a box in your cart, then leave for awhile, you'll eventually get a email saying "You forgot something, Here's a 10% discount."  :)  Just sayin...

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