Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wantable Intimates May Review #2!

Wantable Intimates is a monthly subscription service that sends you premium essentials from the best brands following the latest trends and greatest classics.

I've really enjoyed Wantable Intimates.  So much that I got TWO boxes this month.  I couldn't resist because I liked the brands they were featuring and the customization is so great that it's almost like choosing exactly what I want anyway.

The Cost: $36/month.

What You Get:  Four intimate essentials, picked and packed according to your preferences.  These range from socks and bras to fashion tape and lingerie sets.

This time I actually got FIVE items! Whee!  As you can see it is COMPLETELY different than my last box.  That is because I changed all my preferences.  It's really easy to do and you can do it as often as you want!

Here's what mine looks like to give you an idea.  They send this in every box to remind you of what your profile looks like.

Rhonda Shear Soft Bra- 2 pack.  This is the reason I got five things.  These bras come as a pair.  They're reversible! Which is odd.  Why would you need to reverse a bra when it's exactly the same on both sides?  I don't know but these are SUPER comfy.  The black is very practical and the pink is HOT and crazy bright!  Fun for summer (not that I'm going prancing around in just a bra outside or anything).
Value: $26
St. Eve Tank-  This says green and I guess it does look green in the picture.  It's pretty yellow so maybe its a lime green.  It is also extremely bright.  I'm not sure what to think of it except that it is the PERFECT complement to a blue tank I have and that makes them SEAHAWKS colors! Also, Sounders!  It's not something I would normally pick out but its a fun color to have on hand.  Thats one of the reason I love subs so much.  Sometimes we all need to step out of our comfort zones and get something we'd never thought of.
Value: $14

Cynthia Rowley Liners- Floral lace beige liners.  Wear with flats or heels.  Prevents blisters and have a padded bottom for comfort.  These are actually really cute.  They're much better than the ones I have because they actually stay on your feet.  The padded bottom isn't much but when you take your shoes off at someones house and you still have these on... so so cute!  I should have taken a picture of these on my foot. They're very pretty and dainty.
Value: $18

Real Underwear Daphne Hipster-  Here I am showing off my underwear on the internet!  If you don't think these are gorgeous, there's something wrong with you! (See that, mom!)  My mom reads my blog and she told me my last Wantable undies were hideous :D.  These are probably my favorite thing in this box.  I *love* these! Super silky and delicate.
Value: $20

VERDICT: I really do love this subscription.  Wantable Intimates makes it so easy to get things you like.  If you get what you don't like you can return it for free.  It's very easy and absolutely hassle free.  Sometimes sizing doesn't work out right and they know that.  So returning is very user friendly and I appreciate that when a subscription box allows that.  Now that I've got this box I'm off to change my profile again.  This time I'm putting Brights and Soft Bras on my dislike list so I can get a new arrangement next month!  Not that I dislike them but I like to switch it up.

If you would like to sign up, head over there and start up your profile!  Your first box will ship about three days after you make your order so there is no waiting at all!

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