Thursday, May 22, 2014

Which Memeboxes Did You Get?? An Enabling Post...

Memebox Global

Memebox is definitely doing something right.  Why?  Because I can't stop buying boxes!  All these free points they are giving out have really "helped" me buy some of the boxes I thought would be either something I would want or something fun and interesting.

I thought I would put together a list of the boxes I will be receiving in order to see just how much I have coming.  I have not, as yet, counted my boxes and I don't know when they are shipping so this will help me get organized.

Luckybox #1
Memebox #10
Naked Box #14
Mini #1                              
Mini #2                              
Memebox #11
Memebox Mask Edition #3
Superbox #22 Pore Care #2
Memebox Hair and Body 2   
Memebox Office Essentials                 

Scentbox Grapefruit              Ships June 27th
Superbox #23 Summer         Shipping July 1st
Memebox Oriental Medicine Ships July 4th
Memebox Skincare               Ships July 9th
Memebox #13                      Ships July 24th
Superbox At Home              Ships July 29th
Superbox Pomegranate        Ships July 30th
Memebox Vitamin Care       Ships August 1st
Memebox Cooling Care       Ships August 1st
Memebox Waterproof          Ships August 5th
Memebox Zero Cosmetics   Ships August 5th
Memebox #14                      Ships August 24th

*updated 6/20

This is how many boxes I have coming to me and I have been exercising GREAT RESTRAINT!
If I had not been restraining myself I would also be getting Office Essentials, Green Tea, the Nature box, Memebox by Missha, Luckybox #3-#5, Superbox Dermocosmetics, Honey and Night Care.

So I think I'm doing pretty good! Haha! At least until August, apparently.  I hope they restock the Night Care and put out some new Luckyboxes.  Oh, and I will have to get Memebox #15 when it goes on sale as a single.

I'm hoping I don't get too overwhelmed with product.  Actually, you want to know what I've started doing?  All those fancy face creams have become body lotions!  I'm going to have a youthful, glowing, nourished, radiant, anti-aged body to go along with my face!

The boxes I'm looking forward to the most are: Summer, Oriental Medicine and Memebox #14!

What about you?  How many Memeboxes are you waiting for and which ones are you the most excited about?

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  1. Memebox has gotten us all hooked! I'm waiting on Memebox #10-13, Minibox #2, Scentbox #1-3, Maskbox #3, Nakedbox #16 and the 10 Minutes box. I really need to pull out all the products I've received and use them all. I just have stacks of Memeboxes in my room. I think the boxes that I'm most excited for are the Scentboxes since I'm hoping they will have some nice body spray/ perfume samples.

    1. I'm hoping we get a really great body spray, too! I tend to really like Grapefruit scented things. You'll have to let me know how you like the 22 gel in that Naked Box! It sounds amazing! Mini boxes are shipping soon! Yay!

    2. Same, I like citrus scents for everyday use. I hope that gel in the naked box is good too, got that box just to try that out! Will let you know if it's worth the steep price tag. Also, I hope the mini boxes aren't disappointing, can't wait to play with the products soon.

  2. Enabling indeed! After reading all your posts I finally gave in and opened an account. But I haven't ordered anything yet...I'm exercising restraint...

    1. Ooo! You *are* good! Do you have 20 points to spend today? They gave everyone who had an account 10 Memepoints ($10) to spend in 24 hours but I don't know if they gave those with new accounts. If they did give them to you, you might want to use them today! If you only have the 10 from opening an account, you can wait because they have been adding free Memepoints like crazy these days!

    2. Haha, that's part of the reason I signed up! I saw all your Free Points posts and figured why not? I only got the 10 for signing up though. It seems like they're coming out with new boxes everyday!

  3. Woow amazing blogpost! great idea (gonna make a boutpost about this too hahah :) way too long to write it all in 1 comment ;) Yesterday I received my Memebox 10 and I love love love it!! :D and naked box 14 is also very cool but I much say the surprise I get from my memebox 10 (even if you have revealed it already) gets me more happy than these naked boxes somehow. So I'm gonna stick to the "censored" boxes :)

    1. Naked box #14 is Out for Delivery right now! I should have it in a few hours. Did you get the BB cream that was in the picture or something else??

    2. No I got the Gowoonsesang-bling bling bb cream. same one as in Luckybox 4 (I really wanted the one on the picture! :(