Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Barkbox June 2014 Review + 10% off!

Our Barkbox arrived today! I've been desperately awaiting my June 2014 box and finally it's here!  I really love getting an assortment of treats and toys for the dogs each month.

Barkbox is a subscription box for dogs.  Yes, dogs.  And I love it! The variety is great and I've already received toys my boys love.  The fact that they weren't immediately obliterated says a lot for the toy.  Bugsy sleeps with the fox we got last month.

The Cost: As low as $19/month if you sign up for a year.  $29/month to month.  Use this link to get 10% off any length subscription!

What You Get: Each monthly box contains a combination of 4-6 treats, toys, and occasional hygiene products that have been hand selected and thoughtfully crafted.  Each item is unique from anything ever sent in a later box.

Each month Barkbox has a theme.  I imagine its pretty hard to have a different theme all the time for a box of dog toys and treats but they try pretty hard.  This month's theme was Paris!  There were only four items in the box this month, sadly, since I always love seeing what interesting things they find each month.

Bocce's Bakery Chicken Cordon Bleu- Wheat free and made from chicken, turkey bacon and cheese!  Dexter can't have chicken but Bugsy can!  Bugsy hasn't been feeling well and I'm concerned about him.  He did come out from under his blankies to get this treat, though.  If he isn't feeling better tomorrow, off to the vet we go.
Value: $6

Harry Barker Eiffel Tower-  This is made from canvas and has a squeaker but I just don't know how well it is going to hold up to rat terrier teeth.
Value: $10
Feel Good Treat Co Parisian Heart Biscuits- Oats, carob chips, molasses and cinnamon.  I could probably eat these!  There are 3 huge heart shaped cookies in the flat box.  Well, they probably were heart shaped but they got crunched.  Dexter LOVED this cookie!  I didn't give him the whole thing because they are big but he was trying to get to them while they were still in the package!
Value: $6

Harry Barker Toile Bone-  Another canvas bone.  I wish there had been two different kinds of toys in this box but only because these are fairly easily destructed.  I will give them one and see how they do.
Value: $8

VERDICT:  This wasn't my favorite Barkbox to date but that is not a deal breaker for me. I absolutely love getting new kinds of treats for my dogs.  The toys this month weren't as great as in the past and I think the value is inflated for them although I generally think that about all dog toys.  They are SO expensive everywhere! Which is another reason I like Barkbox,  I get more for my money.  We will see how it goes with the boys and one of these Harry Barker toys.

If you think your dog needs a little more variety, Barkbox is a great way to consistently introduce new toys and treats to your pup.  If you would like to sign up, you can use my referral link to get 10% off any length subscription!  I signed up for six months and I'm glad I did!

So is Dexter!

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