Saturday, June 14, 2014

BeautyDNA is Amazing!! Look What I Got!

BeautyDNA promotes themselves as a new way of experiencing skin, hair and body products.  They are new on the subscription box scene and what they do, they do well.  Each month they will send you a full size product tailored to you, directly to your door.

The Cost: $25/month

What You Get: You will receive one full-size beauty product, selected specifically for you based on your answers in your Beauty Profile.  You'll also receive a card explaining why the product was sent.

This is what sets them apart from every other subscription box. It is totally tailored to your needs and wants. It's still a surprise because you don't know what you will get, but when you do, it will be something you will use!

How do they do this?  Well, when you sign up you will have a 17 page questionnaire to fill out!  That's right, they take seventeen pages of your information and use that to find the perfect product for your hair, skin or body. They want to know everything about your concerns, your skin, your hair, your eyes, your lips and your body.  This is so they can choose the perfect product for you using their algorithms.  It's a very in-depth questionnaire and I had to go look in the mirror a couple times to make sure I was telling them the right thing. 
They also make it really easy to understand what they are looking for by providing an explanation if you hover over an item with your mouse.  You can also can call their customer service (which is seriously amazing) and they will happily answer any questions you have.  They are really, really nice!

They scan through the thousands of beauty products they have and find you the perfect full-size product that addresses one of your skin, hair or body needs!  They promise to not to send an item to treat the same area twice.  So you'll get a skin product, then a hair product, then a body or lip or eye or whatever product! 
When I say their customer service is stellar, I mean it!  I signed up for this subscription back in March and I really liked what they sent me. The first product I received was Skyn Iceland Cloud Cream and the second was emerginC Scientific Organics Ginger-Lime Scrub (which is pure heaven).

The reason I'm writing this post is because I just received a super awesome, completely unexpected gift!  I had cancelled after my second month because I just cannot use a full size product up.  I use half and the other half tends to go to waste.  The quality of the products BeautyDNA sends is undeniable and I feel bad not using it up.  
Today, though, I received a gift in the mail along with a card, saying Thank You for participating in the beta process as they were getting their subscription off the ground.

Wow!  This is an It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush!  This is not a cheap brush.  This is a glorious brush!  With a retail of $48, this was a pretty nice gift for someone who has already cancelled.  I wish I could convey the awesomeness of this brush.  It's got a grippy handle that is large and fits perfectly in my hand.  The brush itself is packed with the softest bristles ever (cruelty-free!) and my powder applied like a dream!

I had to post about it because this was such an amazing thing for a company to do.  They did not have to reward the people who signed up for the first box but they did!

I honestly do think that this is a great subscription.  The products are great and the value is definitely there.  I love how customized everything is.  Finally, filling out a profile means something!  The quality of the products received is also very good.  These are good, high end brands.  I've been happy with what I've received, definitely.  If you love full size, luxury products, this could easily be the subscription for you.

If you are interested in signing up, go to and join!  You'll need some time available to fill out your profile so be aware of that.


  1. That's an awesome product! I thought that Beauty DNA would only be skincare, and I haven't signed up yet because I'm buried in piles of skincare. But if they send out brushes and other tools, I might give it a second look.

    1. I don't know if they do. This just randomly showed up at my door. I know they do a different kind of product each month so you dont get swamped but I did not know they sent out tools. I still can't believe it. I'm trying really hard not to drool on my brush, I love it so much. :D